Tailstrike Designs Preview LIME X V2

We have kindly been put onto the tracks of another developer. This time, it’s a new developer named Tailstrike Desgins. They currently have a great product in the works, Milan Bergamo. The current version of Bergamo in our sims is slowly dating so it’s good to see an updated version coming to the Italian airport. Having spoken to the developer personally, the project sounds great with the the project progressing stably.

Bergamo airport is a great European hub for those that enjoy flying cargo and low cost. With the airport being a large hub for both Ryanair and DHL. With some routes including Corfu, Barcelona and Dublin. An airport that I often find myself heading to when flying with Ryanair.

Over on Tailstrike Design’s Facebook page, some great shots have been posted showing the progression of the modelling. Which looks excellent. With regular updates being posted for this scenery, a few follow up posts are likely to come aftere this.

For now I leave you with some of the shots mentioned earlier about the modelling progression. So far, it looks like the ATC tower has made the most progress with the hangars following close behind.