SXAirportDesign Share WIP Images of KHOU


SXAirportDesign shared a few images of their rendition of William P Hobby airport in Houston, Texas. KHOU  is like the little brother between big brothers Dallas Fort-Worth (KDFW), and Austin (KIAH). The team mentioned that about 90% of the modeling is done, and just a few items remain.

SXAirportDesgin’s version will include SODE jetways, night lighting,’GP AO’, vehicle and vegetation placement.


Dmitri Scheidel

The author Dmitri Scheidel

I was raised around aviation since day one, living on multiple airports across California I naturally took a liking to the big loud things with the shiney spinners. I have been simming since FS98 and slowly worked my way through the versions, I now happily run P3D V4 on a rather powerful setup ; ). I am also a real life private pilot and certified ground school instrustor *at only 18 years old!* | View My Specs

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This may have been acceptable a decade ago but certainly not now!

You guys totally miss the point. While SXAD is not doing FSDT/Flightbeam level work, they are tackling small regional fields the big guys would never touch. You may chide them all you want, but they still look 100% better than default and do a great job at filling in the library where nothing else exists.

@Not a happy camper

Go back and re-read my comment carefully, never did I suggest that SX should be on the level of FB or ORBX. There is a certain minimum standard that people expect these days and this scenery is well below that standard. Also I don’t see how “developing airports that nobody else has” is an excuse for subpar quality.

I won’t buy it because the quality is trash, however I still have the right to give my opinion.

Not a happy camper

@Bob then don’t buy it. Nobody is forcing you to do anything.

Not every developer is going to be a FlyTampa or an Orbx. That’s just a fact. SXAD certainly isn’t in competition with the latter, but their sceneries do include SODE jetways and are pretty light on performance. However, they’re developing airports that nobody else has. Go find a better Hobby, or a Norfolk, Nashville, Pensacola, etc.


“tackling small regional fields the big guys would never touch”

Really? ORBX, Aerosoft, Turbulent Designs etc. have release many small US regional airports all the time!!

Also this is *not* a “better than nothing” scenario – if I am paying for an add-on I would expect at least a *decent* rendition. This is certainly not decent at all. Even just a quick look at Simmarket you will find developers that are even smaller than SX that are producing good quality sceneries.

Yeah… tell them rooodog!

Nice one SXAD. You people are so unappreciative. Not everyone is FlyTampa and their prices reflect that. SXAD does awfully nice work for the price and do sceneries that get skipped over by others. I personally thoroughly enjoy their sceneries. I’ll happily enjoy my SXAD sceneries while those of you complaining will be using default waiting for an Orbx or FlyTampa that will never come for these regional 2nd tier US Airports. Funny how most ppl that comment here about FS98 probably weren’t even born yet lol. Don’t hate on these guys. This is a early WIP. I can personally see a lot of potential already.

I think criticism is a little harsh, no one is obliged to buy it if they don’t like it (that’s how you vote). I see 3 points in favor of this developer on those shots and in the discussion bellow: dedicated terminal models with reasonable detailing and an intention to look realistic, dedicated textures and fame of asking a reasonable price. All great developers we have now started with lower quality. For a moment, in the discussion I thought everyone was talking of another productive developer that also has an X in their name.

Is it too soon to point out that the runway pictured was renumbered last year to 13-31L/R

You should shoot a message or an email to the developer and tell them.

While I agree with those commenters that are somewhat critical of the displayed quality here, I should remind them of the relatively low price that SXAD usually charges for their scenery. E.g., their latest release (Armarillo) they charged 15 Euros. Also, it seems to me a lot of the smaller details have not been added yet. When they say “90% modeling complete”, I interpret that to mean that they may have already modeled all the ground equipment, cars, etc, but they might not have actually placed it yet. Hence the rather empty feel of the airport. I’m sure the final result is going to look better than what we’re seeing here. All their other sceneries feature higher quality ground imagery as well, so I’m thinking that the final version will likely look crisper on the whole as well…

Are we going to overlook the fact they called Austin IAH? IAH is George Bush in Houston while AUS is Austin.



@Ben H

you guys are mean…..this is just a work in progress. I am sure the final version will be much improved (at least I hope it will).

I’m sure everyone can appreciate your optimism, but when the developer says the modeling is “90% done” I wouldn’t count on it improving much past what is being shown.

They’re actually going to charge for that ?

Fs98 is BACK!