Supercritical Simulations Group Updates E-Jets and B 747-8 Anniversary Edition

SSG B748 V223

Aircraft developer Supercritical Simulations Group has updated their E-Jets and B 747-8 Anniversary Edition aircraft on X-Plane 11. The updates for both of the aircraft were released over the past few days and can be downloaded and applied to your aircraft now.

Starting with the E-Jets, and perhaps the most significant of the two updates, the changelog indicates various improvements with the aircraft. The PDF and HSI have both been improved, whilst the COM radios now enable .833mhz capability. Furthermore, the update has improved the flight dynamics for X-Plane 11.50 users, along with visual improvements to the cockpit itself. There have also been fixes to the VNAV system, small graphical errors on the MCDU and also with some SID information disappearing after take off. Finally, VR users will appreciate the fact the aircraft is now “VR friendly”.

The Boeing 747-8 Anniversary Edition from SSG has seen a smaller update. Three fixes have been issued with the new update including a fix to the “Direct To” function, the ND map flickering during pushback and also an increase to the glossiness of the external model on the 747-8i.

As mentioned, all of the updates are now available from the store and can be download and installed.

You can view more about the Supercritical Simulations Group E-Jets here.

You can view more about the Supercritical Simulations Group B 747-8 Anniversary Edition here.

SSG E-Jets v1.5 Changelog.

  • Improved PFD’s Horizons
  • Improved HSI  that is heading up like Navigation display.
  • Improved COM radios that now is  .833mhz XXX.XXX
  • Improved flight dynamics for xp11.50
  • Improved Lateral navigation
  • Improved cockpit visual with some new 3d objects.
  • Improved E-170 land gear wheels
  • VR Ready and VR friendly
  • Fixed actuator baro with drag not working property
  • Fixed some small graphics errors into MCDU
  • Fixed SID disapearing after Take OFF
  • Fixed VNAV issues like not respecting manual altitude entering.

SSG B 747-8 Anniversary Edition v2.2r4 Changelog

  • Fixed crashes occurring with some airports (e.g. PHNL)
  • Fixed “Direct To” function in FMC when executed in the 3D CDU
  • Fixed ND map flickering with pushback
  • Intercontinental external model glossiness increased
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