SODE 1.5.0 Update – 64bit Compatability

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SODE 1.5.0 has been released and this time it’s updated to 64bit compatability together with P3D V4. The way SODE was integrated in P3D V3 and V4 has been changed to leverage the native ‘add-on.xml’ mechanism of P3D. What this does is that it makes sure that none of the exe.xml and simobject.cfg files are touched. This means that SODE is much more robust since it now is in it’s own ‘sandbox’.

Other than the usual bugfixes, a new method has been introduced to define sim-specific models in the placement xml. It enables the developer to have all legacy sims still supported while for the new sims, user can take advantage of the latest SDK features in their models.

Last but not least, the SODE-to-GSX API has been refined and enhanced to enable new features concerning dynamic jetways in GSX.

SODE 1.5.0 can be download at this website where more information also can be found.

A long changelog can be found below covering exactly what bas been done. For more on latest releases and previews, stay tuned to FSElite.

SODE 1.5.0 Changelog

  • 64-bit Support: SODE now supports P3D v4 64-bit! The SimObjectAnimationModule.dll, which is responsible for the jetway animation, was ported to 64-bit. SODE will use the 32-bit or the 64-bit version of the dll depending on the sim that is running.
  • Platform Manager: Added support for P3D v4
  • Platform Manager: Using the P3D v3/v4 native add-on.xml mechanism to install SODE. SODE does not touch any of the dll.xml, exe.xml and simobject.cfg files anymore!
  • Jetway Control System: Fixed the incorrect handling of multi-jetways when created by an external app (GSX)
  • Jetway Control System: AFCADGateName xml attribute is now converted to the expected format internally
  • API: Enhanced API for GSX, allowing linked SimObjects
  • XML: Added possibility to define sim-specific models in the xml
  • XML: Fixed incorrect sequencing of request IDs
  • Watchdog: Changed the launch condition to be after SimConnect connection is established iso fixed delay after SODE startup
  • Folder Manager: Fixed a bug during collection of aircraft.cfg data used for AI detection
  • Variable Driven Rotation: Removed animated transition between two values!
  • Conditional Visibility Wind: Fixed a crash when a single wind value was defined in the xml instead of a range
  • General: Fixed handling of aircraft.cfg with incorrect ref_point data
  • General: Fixed double injection of SimObjects when a variable update occured during main injection loop
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