Skytitude Releases ExoAirports for X-Plane 11

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Skytitude has released ExoAirports for X-Plane 11. ExoAirports adds photo-scanned high definition ground surface textures to taxiways, runways, aprons, and helipads. Along with the ground surfaces, airport markings like taxilines, ground signs, and navigation signs have all been included. The superb graphic changes will be present at over 45,000 airports around the world!

ExoAirports will not only improve the textures on airport surfaces it will also add airport terrain textures for a more realistic experience. All the textures used have been designed with PBR textures and a “NoTiling” technology has been applied. This “NoTiling” technology will stop the textures from repeating themselves over a long runway or large apron. Gravel, grass, dirt, and desert textures are implemented for the smaller remote airports. Tire skids can be found on the runways and grunge effects are on the taxiways and aprons to show wear and tear. The textures are all installed automatically, there is nothing that needs to be manually applied. A full feature list can be found below for those who are interested. Thank you to Alex for tipping us off on this release! You can buy ExoAirports from the Store for $23.99.


  • Excellent Photo-scanned Asphalt Runways & Asphalt Helipads
  • Gorgeous Realistic Concrete Runways & Concrete Helipads
  • Incredible High Quality Gravel Runways, Pavement & Helipads
  • Natural Smooth Grass Airstrips & Grass Elements
  • Photo-scanned Arid Desert Airfields & Desert Elements
  • Realistic Dirt Airstrips
  • Superb Quality and a lot of variety Of Aprons & Taxiways Textures
  • High Quality Markings, Taxilines, Ground Signs, Navigation Signs
  • Excellent Physical Based Rendering Effect / PBR
  • “NoTiling” Technology Applied. The textures no more repeating.
  • Tire Skids, Grunge Effect On Runways, Taxiways, Markings, etc.
  • Normalized Runways Edges
  • Reworked Runways Shoulders
  • Unbelievable Airports Terrain Textures with a lot of variety
  • Automatic Installation
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