UPDATE: Skyline Sim Announce KORD, KCVG, and More for P3D v4

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Update at 17:14z on Jan 16th 2018

A new work in progress screenshot of KCVG has been shared by Skyline Sim.

Original article:

Skyline Sim have taken the liberty to announce 3 new major airports for P3D v4; KORD and KCVG. With these sceneries lacking quality renditions in P3D v4, it is exciting to hear we will finally have our hands on them after waiting for so long for a developer to take up these airports.

Skyline Sim are a relative newcomer for scenery development in P3D, with their past products having been developed for X-Plane exclusively. Their new announcement, however, changes that. Their entry into the world of P3D scenery development is bein kicked off with a multitude of scenery, a detailed description of which can be found below.

Their first airport announced is KALO, or Waterloo Airport. Waterloo is a small regional airport located in Iowa which is serviced by American Eagle as well as corporate and general aviation traffic. Release is expected to be soon.

KCVG is will be a “definitive” rendition of their past scenery. You may ask why they went with this naming scheme, and if it is simply a marketing ploy, but I assure you it’s for a reason. That reason is that they have drastically overhauled CVG to match the real airport’s current state. In 2005, the airport was thriving. It boasted the largest regional jet terminal in the world and always had terminals 1 and 2 filled to capacity. The airport was operating at peak capacity, but unfortunately it is not that way today. In 2015, terminals 1 and 2, as well as concourse C, were permanently shut down and all jet traffic was consolidated into concourses A and B. Present day, terminals 1 and 2, as well as concourse C, have been completely demolished to make room for an expansion to concourse A, as well as a huge new shipping center for amazon and a new rental car facility. Skyline’s version takes an interesting approach. They will let you pick which era CVG is depicted in in your sim! Whether it be the rendition of how the airport was in 2005, or how it stands today, everyone’s preferences will be satisfied! This is certainly a different approach to what we have ever seen before and it will ensure everyone is satisfied!

Now onto the star of the show; the main event: KORD. You might know that we are desperately lacking an accurate rendition of O’Hare. Many changes have taken place, from the closure of runways, to new taxiways, as well as changes to the terminals, FSDreamteam’s rendition is beginning to show its age. While, to FSDreamteam’s credit, they have announced that they have a completely new rendition in the works it has been a while since we’ve heard anything about that project aside from a forum post stating that a release in 2018 will be an accomplishment due to the size of the project. Skyline have seen an opportunity and have pounced on it.  Not much was said about ORD in their announcement except that that it is nearing completion and they have team members working on it around the clock. This will bring a modern and complete rendition of KORD to P3D v4 AND X-Plane 11, something that is oh so desperately needed and should make a lot of people happy.


And finally, their last announced airport: CYTZ Toronto Billy Bishop. All that was said is that it has been in development for a while but is progressing smoothly. Being a short flight from KORD and KALO, this should serve as a great destination for those wanting shorter flights from O’Hare.

They conclude their post by saying that despite the large amount of projects they have, they have a very large team at wok on them, each with separate responsibilities. This ensures that work on one project will not set back work on the others. They hope to be warmly received by the P3D community and can’t wait to bring some more amazing airports to the platform!

We are certainly excited for what’s to come from Skyline and wish them all the best in their new endeavor!


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