[Update 14-May: New Info] simMarket to Drop PayPal Support Later This Month


Update 14-May-2019:

simMarket has confirmed that since this was originally published, customers can continue to pay via PayPal. However, the circumstances for Vendors remains the same, in that PayPal will not longer be offered as a payment method.

You can read the full story here.

== Original Article Published April 6th 2019 ==

Update 2: simMarket has wrote to us to clarify that the below information is true. They have deleted their Facebook comments and posts discussing us being fake news.

As always, we check out facts before reporting to the communtiy as we know how important to provide honest reporting.


Update: simMarket has taken to Facebook to suggest we are spreading fake news. This is simply NOT the case. We have been given statements from members of simMarket (sitting in our email inboxes), spoken to various developers and have seen screenshots suggesting this to be accurate. We have also had various customers tell us they received emails with similar information.

We have reached out to simMarket, again, to find out exactly what’s going on.

== Original Article ==

A few days ago, we stumbled upon a post from a developer which saw simMarket support share with them that PayPal would no longer be used on simMarket.

The post, which has since been shared to our friends at The Sky Lounge, indicates that as of April 20th simMarket will no longer accept PayPal as a payment method, nor will developers be able to be paid through the service either. This shouldn’t be mistaken for simMarket not paying developers as they will, just that it will be paid through alternative means.

When hearing the news, we reached out to simMarket for clarification. Miguel, CEO of simMarket wrote back to us with the following statement.

“We have decided to stop all PayPal operations. E.g. Using their services for receiving or sending payments as after a continuing number of incidents over many years.”

Despite trying to work with PayPal on a number of things, simMarket has decided that continuing business with PayPal would cause more harm in the future than good.

Of course, simMarket understands that this will have a big impact on simulator enthusiasts across the world as PayPal is a primary method of payment for many. simMarket has assured us that they are taking the matter seriously. When asked what other options people will have, this is what they said.

“We will soon, hopefully before April 20th, introduce additional payment options to the 10 already available. We will introduce Google Pay and Apple Pay in addition and believe that they will appeal to many customers and be just as easy or even easier to use than PayPal. We are also looking at the possibility of integrating Amazon Payments at a later point.”

simMarket are aware that this significant change may impact sales, but are determined to overcome it as quickly as possible whilst customers get used to the different payment options.

As for developers, they’re working as hard as possible to find alternatives to ensure that payments can be made as effectively as they ever have done before. Whilst there’s no quick solution to this, simMarket is dedicated to working with developers and vendors to ensure that their payments are made on time. For developers who use simMarket to sell their products, the current solution is through direct bank transfer. simMarket acknowledges that this isn’t ideal, but are working to fix that.

There will certainly be a transition period for many as PayPal is one of the largest payment services in the world. However, simMarket are not the first to drop the service after Orbx also gave PayPal the boot a few years ago after they had trouble from them.

We have transcribed the original image below for your convenience.

We have made the difficult decision to not use any Paypal services starting latest April 20th.

PayPal itself is making it more and more difficult for companies dealing internationally to accept their payments and work with their products at the point of them being arrogant and humiliating.

Their customer support agents and staff are not professional and dedicated enough to solve situations and more than often work against us and ultimately against you.

Therefore we will stop accepting Paypal payments from customers and will not make monthly payments to you via Paypal anymore.

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