SimCoders Announces Expansion Pack for Carenado B58


Courtesy of their website, SimCoders has announced their Reality Expansion Pack for the Carenado Baron 58.

The package is available at the Store for $19.99. If you have bought REP for the older B58 or for Laminar’s B58, you get a 40% discount on the new package.

Feature List

  • Custom engine model that overrides the default one.
  • The flight dynamics are replaced to match real-world data, including correct airfoils.
  • Onboard systems and failures are simulated.
  • Extra tools such as the maintenance hanger, kneeboard, weight and balance and walk around.
  • Lots of 3D object add-ons such as tie-downs, chocks, preheater and more.
  • The sounds are greatly enhanced.
  • Increased VR support for the aircraft.

A full list of features can be found on their website.

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