SimBrief Update – Default AIRAC Update & More


Over on their Facebook page, SimBrief has posted enticing information regarding a couple of recent updates they’ve pushed to their online virtual flight planning solution.

Keeping it more up-to-date for those who do not possess of the latest Navigraph navigational cycle, SimBrief’s default AIRAC cycle has been updated to 1803. All users who are not on a newer AIRAC cycle should have 1803 unlocked and available immediately.

For a while now, SimBrief has been electing routes based on a mixture of sources including FlightAware. All of the routes are retrieved and prioritised based on their source, AIRAC validity, popularity and efficiency.

The second major part to this update now brings along a database maintained by SimBrief containing thousands of pre-validated European routes which have passed the IFPS validation during the current AIRAC cycle. That combined with data extracted directly from the RAD, the SRD and numerous custom internal route restrictions, SimBrief now has the ability to recommend an IFPS compliant route for many European flights automatically.

These pre-validated routes feature a small Eurocontrol icon (as shown below) and are expected to be valid almost 99% of the time.

The final update I’d like to explore is the new “Alternates” display on the interactive flight map. To access it, click the airports icon on the map display menu, then select “ALTNS” from the dropdown menu that appears.

The final major update is the new  “Alternatives” display on the interactive flight map which displays SimBrief’s adequate alternative airports on the map being colour coded based on the forecast at your estimated time of arrival.

You can view a full list of minor updates on SimBrief’s new changelog page here. Never heard of SimBrief? You can learn more about SimBrief here.

Other Noteworthy Updates

  • Added new Enroute Alternate and Takeoff Alternate selections to the Options page.
  • Finished adding multiple alternates and alternate route support to the remaining OFP layouts.
  • Added separate Weather/NOTAM section to the Dispatch Output page.
  • Added the ability to change/update AIRAC cycles directly from the Options page.
  • Departure/arrival runways are now selected based on the current PilotEdge ATIS data, if available.
  • Migrated interactive maps to Leaflet due to Google Maps’ new (unaffordable) pricing model.
  • Added PACOTS/AUSOTS and animated radar imagery to the interactive route map.
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