ShortFinal Design Release Airport Environment HD 2.0 For Free

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X-Plane freeware users rejoice: ShortFinal Design has released Airport Environment HD 2.o for X-Plane 11. The new freeware will enhance your X-Plane experience to improve lots of the default texture work found in the world. Runway and taxiway textures have been fully replaced, along with blast pads, runway shoulders, apron lights and more. To help with immersion, baggage carts, tractors, cargo trucks and ramp markings have all been revamped.

Despite this being a complete re-work of the original version, Airport Environment HD 2.0 is completely free of charge from However,  MisterX has said you can support his work  by checking out his payware airport selection.

Feature list:

  • Runway and taxiway textures
  • Blast pads, runway shoulders, skid marks
  • Taxiway signs
  • Apron lights, fuel tanks
  • Baggage carts, tractors and cargo trucks
  • Ground textures
  • Painted ground signs, ramp markings
  • Taxi lines
  • Terrain textures on airport areas
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