REX World Wide Airports HD – KSLC

In an announcement on Sunday, REX showed off custom texturing for KSLC – Salt Lake City International Airport. The textures will be free to World Wide Airports customers. The texture set makes the airport look much closer to its real world counterpart.

It is unclear how they are doing this, whether by custom models or what, however it is very cool and will do wonders for people not wanting to go off and buy new scenery. You can now not only have good looking HD default airports, but accurately textures mega hubs too. Good work REX, if they do more major airports this will be reason enough to get World Wide Airports HD!


  • qxeflyer

    30th November 2016

    great! now it could be in my wishlist, let´see how fast and how many will they develop.

    • Calum Martin

      1st December 2016

      Pretty quickly according to what they’re telling us!

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