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Today REX Simulations announced their plans for the year of 2017. They made these announcements in a forum post in which they reflected on 2016, then went on to make several announcements. Their plan for 2017 is “Improve and Expand.” How they plan on doing this was detailed in the post, but the bullet points were: release enhancements and expansions to existing REX products. Along with several other very interesting announcements.


We all know how 2016 went so lets just talk about the things yet to come. The first announcement made by REX is that they are working on ten additional airport vehicles for their Worldwide Airports HD addon. As well as the next airport for the Enhanced airport feature of Worldwide Airports, Reagan National (KDCA). They also state they are working on adding additional features to the product but make no statements on what exactly those features are. Only that they will be adding them over the coming months.

Another announcement made is their desire to improve their customer support. To summarize they plan on adding three tiers to customer support. Basic support needs will be handled as it currently is via their support forum. Another tier will be for specific needs with a “Direct connection to our developers.” The final tier will be dedicate one-to-one session with a customer care tech. Its not specified exactly how you will know which tier to go to, or if its handled by them, or automatically.  They also make a statement that they are continuing to look for ways to provide affordable prices. Though they make no specific announcements on this venture.


That handles the improve part of their plan for 2017, but what of the expand? Its here REX talks about three new products for 2017. Sky Force 3D, featuring a new approach to handling weather in FSX/P3D. SIMAIR, a massive multiplayer product looking to bring management, air carrier and pilot in one place. And REX Axis, This last one is of great interest to existing owners of REX products. It looks to centralize the management and maintenance of all REX products in one convenient place.

REX Simulations then makes several other smaller announcements. Notably over the next several months they will be looking to hire more people. 3D Modelers, Texture artist, programmers and support staff are the positions they will be needing filled soon. They also state that they are evaluating all of the upcoming simulators to see if they can offer enhancements to them as they have with FSX and Prepar3d. They then say they are looking to expanding their partnerships with other companies to provide the best products they can to the community.

A new standalone IP

Lastly they talk about Storm Quest the Game. REX is divided into two companies. REX Simulations who we know, and REX Game studios. The latter was working on a game named Storm Quest, a “game for real storm chasers.” This game looked to be a Storm chasing focused game with both Multi and single player experiences. Including management, and challenge based game play. They state that all though the project has been on hold for a while, they made several advancements to design and development in that time. They say they have more information on this to come.

You can read the full forum post here.


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