REX Releases Real Global Airport Textures for MSFS

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In a surprise move, REX has released a brand new product for Microsoft Flight Simulator called Real Global Airport Textures. The team beyond Weather Force for the simulator has released a brand new texture product that enhances all airports around the world with new high-definition textures.

The new product will apply to all 37,000 airports and add a more realistic looking set of textures to each of the airports. The new product adds over 1GB of new data that will enhance the aprons, taxiways, runways and ground markings at each airport. REX says that Real Global Airport Textures includes 28 different types of runway surfaces and each set includes realistic weathering, dirt, grime and cracking effects for maximum realism. Along with the improvements to the runways, REX also says that this product adds different variants of surfaces for taxiways and apron areas. Despite the new level of detail, REX says that this product is “FPS-friendly.”

The team say that this product will have an impact on all default airports, and even some freeware ones that use the standard texture sets found in the simulator.

Right now, we can only see that the product is available on Just Flight’s website for £11.99. At the time of writing, there’s no official statement from REX on their social channels or website.


  • Full PBR support
  • Over 1GB of extremely detailed textures replacing the entire default texture library
  • Different varieties of asphalt (taxiways, roads, rough asphalt, striped asphalt with and without damage)
  • Realistic soiled aprons, all types of worn and clean runways/taxiways and taxiway markings
  • 28 different types of runway surfaces
  • Detailed embellishments such as cracks, dirt, bump mapping, crack filler and grooves
  • Different styles of photo-based tyre skid and runway rubber markings and build-up to choose from; light or heavy use
  • Different styles of taxiway markings to choose from: clean or used
  • Multiple types of cracked asphalt with realistic crack filler, crack decals and gravel surfaces
  • A multitude of variances consisting of tarmac, macadam, bitumen, concrete slab surfaces, concrete with realistic grooving
  • Multiple types of cement, with and without damage
  • Surface bump mapping and bituminous surfaces
  • Realistic airport ground markings and colour
  • Sandstone, sand, rubble mud, concrete gravel, moss and sand, ground soil surfaces, rocky and rough soil surfaces and surrounding grass surfaces
  • Community folder integration for a safe and easy installation
  • Most importantly… FPS-friendly!
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