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[Update: 14 May 2020] REX/MilViz WXAdvantage P3Dv5 Progress Update

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Update 14 May 2020: Since this post was published, new information has come to light. According to an email sent to FSElite, MilViz will be taking over the support and sale of the WX Advantage product. From an end user’s perspective, not much will change other than you will need to contact MilViz for support going forward. Should you contact MilViz, you will need to show proof of purchase of the product.

With regards to a Prepar3D v5 update, a small charge will be applied to upgrade users. The team are hoping that “this will be ok” considering they haven’t charged an update fee in the past for the product over the life of WX Advantage. The Prepar3D v5 feature will also support TrueSky.

== Original Post 13 May 2020 =

A recent post on the AVSIM Forums has sparked some debate on whether or not REX/MilViz’s WXAdvantage will be updated to the new P3Dv5 platform.

According to this forum post, an announcement was made in the Rex Simulations Discord server it stated that the WX Advantage software will not be updated to Prepar3d version 5. Later on in this post, a member posted a link directly to the REX Forums where it has a list of products being updated to P3Dv5. However, this is where things get confusing. REX Simulations is saying it is not coming to V5, but MilViz stated that yes, it will be.

There isn’t much on the MilViz forum, but it is stating on the ‘In Development’ portion of their website that indeed, WX Advantage is being developed and updated for P3Dv5. And if you attempt to click on it, nothing happens. It just reloads the current page you are on.

Further down on the AVSIM forum post, a MilViz representative posted this: “MV owns the rights to the WXR and was working in conjunction with Rex on this.  We are now taking it over and will be providing support and updates.”

If you would like to check out the entire forum post, it is currently locked for others to comment on, but still available to view on the AVSIM Forums. REX’s very own compatibility list has been posted on their forum as well.

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