[Update: New Price and Info] Resentium Releases Global Earth for X-Plane 11

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Update 0100z 19-Apr-2019:

We have been made aware of a screenshot circulating in which the developer has said they are “ashamed” with how the release has gone down.

Whilst this is the case, the team are now determined to make changes to better the product for the community.

Posted originally on the Threshold discord server, the developer expressed that this was their first payware release and as such, did not know how to price the product for the community. They also reflected on the screenshot quality and presentation, citing that they did not feel they properly explained the product.

As such, they have committed to changing various aspects of the release including the price. As of now, the price of the product will be changed to $45.90. Anyone who purchased the product at full price will be entitled to a discount.

A few fixes and other changes will also be released.

Here’s the full list of changes the developer is proposing to make.

  • Within the next few hours price will be changed to $45.90. Users who purchased the product at the initial price will receive compensation in the amount of the difference between these amounts at the beginning of the next month.
  • We fix some small bugs that were accidentally missed in the release. Hotfix is already on our servers.
  • We creating videos with the product. There will be several videos with takeoff and landing in different locations of the planet, so that people can see the product in “live”.
  • Creating more screenshots of autogen and others.

Thanks to Vinniethegreat in our Discord server for the information.

— Original Article —

An a rather surprising announcement that caught most of us off guard, Resentium.Com LTD has released their debut global texture package Global Earth for X-Plane 11.

Development of this project has been kept under wraps for some time and may come as a welcome addition to many X-Plane 11 users libraries.

The world of X-Plane 11 has become potentially more eye-catching with this substantial global textures addon. Ltd claims it will change the way we view X-Plane.

The product has been developed combining three major parts in order to improve the visuals of X-Plane. The first part is that the texturing comprises of variable non-tiled textures covering all of the Earth’s terrain. The second part is based around major improvements to the autogen system with partial PBR technology and improved shading. The seller is keen for you to check out the screenshots to better understand these improvements. The third part of the development cycle was based upon producing realistic forests and trees with true density and realistic colour tones.

It is worth noting that this package is compatible with all mesh products for X-Plane 11 along with Ortho4XP. Mountainous areas of the globe have also been improved with highly detailed textures. The night lighting has also received a facelift along with facades of buildings in all regions.

The full feature list can be found below.

Please note that this product is not compatible with Europe Library, Europe Library HD and any seasonal changing software.

If you would like a copy of Global Earth you can buy it right now at simMarket for €69.90 (Excl.VAT) 

Feature List

  • New terrain textures around the world
  • Highly detailed custom terrain textures whole the world
  • High resolution of all-terrain textures whole the world
  • Highly detailed mountain areas
  • Removed sharp transitions between different terrain textures around the world
  • Work well with any mesh addon for x-plane 11
  • Improved autogen textures in all regions
  • Improved facades textures in all regions
  • New night lightning from the autogen
  • Autogen has realistic colour shades
  • Partial application of PBR technology to autogen
  • Well visible from a height is the colour of house roofs
  • Works well with Ortho4XP
  • Realistic dense forests in all regions
  • Gorgeous trees colour in all regions
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