REMEX Demonstrates Deadstick Damage Model

Deadstick Pre-Release Image

In their usual Friday ‘something day’ announcement, REMEX Studio has shown early footage of the damage model of their upcoming title Deadstick – Bush Flight Simulator.

In the video, a placeholder character model appears to cause damage to the fictional Deadstick aircraft. It can be seen on Deadstick’s twitter here. Or below.


Deadstick, which was first shown off at Flight Sim Cosford 2017 by developer Chris of REMEX studios, is a bush flight simulator aimed at accurately simulating the experience of being a bush pilot, rather than simply flying bush aircraft. In earlier development updates, the developers demonstrated their Styx and Stones framework that they are using to create Deadstick. They also mention their need to effectively ‘re-build’ the entire simulator to use these new methods. They can be read on the Deadstick steam page here.

REMEX has also published a number of new screenshots that can be seen in the gallery below.

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