RegDesigns Releases Region of Waterloo Airport for MSFS

Regdesigns Cykf Waterloo (3)

RegDesigns has released Region of Waterloo Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator (CYKF). Region of Waterloo International Airport is 1 hour west of Toronto and the 14th biggest airport in Canada. WestJet, Sunwing and Flair Airlines all visit the airport flying routes to Victoria, Edmonton and Halifax. In addition, the airport is home to various training centres and groups offering a great degree of general aviation flying in the area.

The newly released airport is a faithful recreation of the airport including accurate modelling from original source imagery. This means the developers have been able to create an authentic-looking airport complete with highly detailed textures, with customised ground textures to add an environmental effect to the ground. Furthermore, the team has included a range of objects and modelling for areas such as airport restaurants and picnic areas, along with hangar interiors, 3D sewer grills and other static apron objects. The airport has been designed with the most current layout in mind and also includes the correct PAPI angles, approach lights and night lighting.

RegDesigns’ second airport, Region of Waterloo Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator (CYKF) can be purchased from simMarket for €11.99.

Region of Waterloo International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator joins Lihue Airport (PHLI), which was released in January 2021.


  • Accurate replica of Region of Waterloo International Airport
  • Accurate modelling from original images and other sources
  • Correct runway elevations
  • Canadian runway lines/markings
  • Custom runway textures
  • Correct PAPI angles
  • Accurate approach lights
  • Customized ground textures
  • 3D glass (some buildings)
  • Night lighting
  • Accurate taxi signs
  • Detailed airport environment
  • Hanger interiors (apron 2)
  • 3D sewer grills
  • PBR-materials
  • AI-traffic compatible
  • Default ATC compatible
  • Parking lot curbs/signs/gates
  • Parking lot lines
  • Hand-placed fences
  • Static apron objects
  • Static parking lot density (per bing maps 2021)
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