Radar Contact Turns to Freeware


Radar Contact started twenty-one years ago as when a flight simulation enthusiast met with an Atlanta Air Traffic Controller and created a company called JDTLLC. This company later created Radar Contact.

Recently the team at JDTLLC gave notice on AVSIM here that they have decided to step away from the business of supporting it. They have decided to go the same route as RealAir, for which they will give away their latest version of Radar Contact for free and a tool to generate keys for free as well. The Radar Contact application can be downloaded here and the key generator can be downloaded here.

As of January 1st, their website, email, storage partners, and e-commerce partners have no longer been maintained. Radar Contact will still have support on AVSIM. You still can contact the developers, John and Doug at [email protected]

For those who have bought Radar Contact in the past three months, you will have been refunded.

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