QualityWings Ultimate 787 Update Preview

787 29

It looks like the team over at QualityWings has been listening to our feedback for their next 787 update. After the release of this plane, one of the most common points of feedback from the community was definitely the lack of a good payload and fuel manager. One of the top concerns was a lack of ZFW indication anywhere, neither in the onboard payload manager in the EFB nor in the external payload manager. Another much heard complaint was no good way to enter exact amounts for fuel and payload, with clunky and inaccurate sliders fulfilling this job.

QualityWings have previewed some images on Facebook, indicating that both of these concerns will be addressed. For one, there will be a clear ZFW indicator on the EFB payload manager. Another, much needed improvement is the inclusion of a number pad on this screen, seemingly to enter exact amounts of fuel.

These improvements will be coming in Ultimate 787 Collection update 1.1.2. A release date or window for this update is not yet known.

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