QualityWings Ultimate 787 Hotfix 1.2.1

Qualitywings Simulations 787 10 (1)

QualityWings has released a hotfix for their Ultimate 787 Collection. The hotfix follows on the Service Pack 2 update, which was released just a few days ago, and brought us the long awaited Boeing 787-10.

The hotfix comes with a few fixes for some issues, such as a fix for the ‘flaps 20 take-off flap- and gear config warnings’, some fixes to panel and aircraft states and some fixes for FSX.

Furthermore, the QualityWings team would like to emphasise that if you’re using the update on Prepar3D, you should be using Prepar3D v4.4 or higher. Some people have been reporting issues when using this plane on an older version of Prepar3D, with which the plane is not compatible.

There are several options to update your QualityWings Ultimate 787 Collection. You can update the product through the Flight1 Purchase Agent, you can download and install an update patch, which is available from the QualityWings website, or you can fully reinstall the aircraft. The last option is required if you’re using a version of the plane that is lower than 1.2.0.


  • QW LOAD AGENT not setting payload correctly when citypair is not in database
  • 787-8 EFB OPT always shows 0 as MTOW
  • Flaps 20 take off FLAP CONFIG warning
  • Flaps 20 take off GEAR CONFIG warning
  • Strobes do not always default to OFF when initializing
  • Cold and Dark Panelstate does not set exterior lights properly
  • FSX only: 787-10 VC yoke buttons disconnected from yoke
  • FSX only: 787-10 VC wipers inop
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