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QualityWings Simulations Release The Ultimate 146 Collection For P3D V4

In a recent Facebook post by the team, QualityWings Simulations announced the release of their highly-anticipated British Aerospace 146 family product for Prepar3d v4. The product brings the FS9/FSX era product into 64-bit; no new features come with this product, however.

The British Aerospace BAe 146 is a family of 4-engine, short-field capable jets, which have seen use all over the globe in extreme airports. For example, London City, Aspen Pitkin and Cusco to name a few.


  • Accurate renditions of BAe 146-100/200/300 and Avro RJ70/85/100
  • GNS-XLS FMC, Sperry autopilot and thrust management system (BAe 146)
  • Fully analogue cockpit (BAe 146-100/200) and Simple EFIS (BAe 146-300) setups
  • GNLU910 FMC and full autopilot with autoland capability (RJ Series)
  • Full EFIS cockpit setup (RJ Series)
  • Full simulation of electric, fuel, hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • TCAS with aural warnings
  • Customisable GPWS
  • Steep approach mode
  • Multi-stage night lighting
  • Realistic flight model
  • Authentic sound set
  • Over 60 High-quality liveries available on the QW website

QualityWings Simulations’ Ultimate 146 Collection is available for purchase on the Flight1 website for an exceptional $19.95. The P3D v4 version of the product is a separate purchase from the FS9/FSX version, however, both versions are now available for only $19.95 each.

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Matthew McColl

The author Matthew McColl

Matthew is from the U.K. and has just finished his last year in college, studying mathematics, chemistry and physics. An avid plane spotter, he often visits Manchester Airport to take as many photographs and he can muster, as well as spending time at his local aerodrome (Manchester Barton). Being an aviation enthusiast, Matthew has been a part of the flight simming community for 7+ years.
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