QualityWings Releases 787 v1.1.3 Update

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QualityWings Simulations has released their highly anticipated version 1.1.3 update for their 787. In an announcement over on their Facebook page, they went into detail regarded the additions and changes included in this update.

The highlight feature of this update is the integration of native PBR for the 787. Some of the other important features include wind uplinks through Active Sky as well as integration with Remote CDU.

PBR has been picked up by a number of different developers and it looks stunning when put onto QW’s 787. Don’t forget if you’re using TomatoShade to make sure that you remove the reflection profile you currently have installed for the 787 in order for it to work.

The addition of Remote CDU integration means that those flying the 787 will now be able to use a number of different functions through another device whether that be a tablet, phone or another computer. More information regarding how to use Remote CDU can be found at The integration of active sky wind uplinks into the 787 is another stand out feature of this update. Like is seen in the PMDG 777 and 747, simmers will now be able to uplink wind data from Active Sky into the 787 allowing for more accurate ETAs and much more.

Alongside some exciting new features, this update also includes a wide range of fixes such as significant stability improvements, as well as various fixes to the autopilot, CDU, EFB and much more. The entire changelog for this update can be found below.


  • Remote CDU support for CDU and EFB added
  • CDU: RTE DATA and WIND Pages added. Automatic uplink from ActiveSky
  • PBR Exterior Models added (P3Dv4.4 only)
  • CONFIG option to show temperatures in Degrees C added
  • EFB: charts “map centering locked on aircraft” added
  • EFB: Ability to display landmarks (such as Big Ben) in EFB
  • ‘Sim Builder’s Kit’ Documentation added for homebuilders
  • CDU support for direct CDU Keypresses (via Lvars) added
  • Significant stability improvements (CTD fixes)
  • AUTOPILOT: Autothrottle oscillations when trying to hold speed above Mach 0.85
  • AUTOPILOT: ILS autotuning does not set the runway CRS
  • AUTOPILOT: ILS capturing and tracking in strong crosswinds improved
  • AUTOPILOT: Various VNAV fixes
  • PANEL STATE: When loading a saved flight, the panelstate specified in the qw787.cfg gets loaded instead of the panelstate matching the flight
  • PANEL STATE: When loading a saved flight in high altitude the engines shutdown
  • HOLDS: Aircraft unable to exit holds
  • CDU DES FORECAST: Wind uplink should not work when no altitudes entered
  • CDU VNAV CLB: climb Mach speed can’t be changed manually
  • CDU PROG page: Fuel burn prediction not accurate (decreases during long flights)
  • CDU PROG page: Mach Speed always displays a zero for the 3rd digit
  • CDU PROG page: Pressing POS REF does not do anything
  • CDU PROG page: CTD when pressing LSK L6 (POS REF)
  • CDU ROUTE REQUEST: new Flightplan files do not show up if plane is already loaded
  • CDU TAKEOFF REF page: D-TO label is missing derate number. i.e. “D-TO 1”
  • CDU POS REPORT page: says PROGESS instead of PROGRESS
  • CDU DESCENT page: Block altitudes do not show properly
  • CDU: When no transition level gets entered, the transition altitude should be used
  • CDU LEGS page: Pressing LEGS again should bring it back to page 1
  • CDU APPR page: invalid Vref entries should not be accepted
  • CONFIG: GaugeRefreshrate always resets to 0 when saved from the QW Config page
  • DU: Combination of CHKL and INFO causes INFO page to not respond to inputs
  • EICAS: When gear is up and locked, the word UP should be white instead of GREEN
  • FUEL SYNOPTIC: fuel temp shows +-XX
  • PFD: Coffin corner not simulated
  • PFD/HUD: Barber Pole disappears below 200 ft AGL
  • PFD: When Mach is selected, the Speed Bug does not adjust to hold Mach during climb/descent when AP and FD are both off
  • HUD: Glideslope Reference line position not accurate
  • HUD: at 400ft AGL HUD F/D – FPV suddenly shifts far to the left on landing
  • HUD: HUD and Avionics go off after a while (787-8 only)
  • HUD: Baro HPA/In displayed at the same time
  • HUD: Gap between ILS identifier / course and DME distance
  • HUD: LAND 3 and NO AUTOLAND annunciations missing
  • ND: TOD not calculated/displayed when approach without transition selected
  • EFB: Take Off Performance Calculation inaccurate when heavy and high
  • EFB: Map range missing from approach chart
  • EFB: Up/Down arrow buttons don’t work on charts page
  • ACP: Left VHF switch monitors right VHF and left VHF is heard all the time
  • ACP: No way to shutoff Navigation Audio, even if it’s selected Off
  • EXTERIOR: Nose wheel does not steer during GSX pushback
  • VIRTUAL COCKPIT: Text night lighting issues (P3Dv4)
  • WIND DATA: Incorrect AS snapshot file path support in qw787.cfg
  • CONTROLS: Parking brake should not set when no Battery or Towing Power is avail
  • CONTROLS: Aircraft loses control after using SLEW mode
  • CONTROLS: slow trim speed when trimming is assigned via FSUIPC
  • CONTROLS: Auto Spoilers should not retract until throttles are moved into TO range
  • JUMP AHEAD: aircraft initialization in new position improved
  • SOUNDS: 5ft EGWPS callout added
  • SOUNDS: FIRE TEST Level A warning sound does not mute / should not play at all
  • FDE: improved lateral stability
  • FDE: improved taxi characteristics
  • FDE: fuel flow and climb performance accuracy improved on all variants
  • FDE: improved AOA/pitch accuracy in various flight regimes and flap configs
  • FDE: improved drag accuracy
  • FDE: improved N1/TPR accuracy at various pitch/thrust settings
  • MULTIPLAYER: Reduced data flow (packets) for multiplayer servers
  • MISC: Performance / VAS optimization
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