QualityWings 787 Map Set


Just the other day, my friend Tom and I were thinking that there was an apparent lack of maps for the QualityWings 787 Dreamliner which recently was released for P3D v4. In light of this, we decided that we’d try and produce an extensive set of accurate maps for both payware and freeware scenery.

Within the set, we have included over 100 airports from all habitable continents across the globe. Our airport maps cover a range of freeware and payware developers including Aerosoft, FSDreamTeam, FlyTampa, Flightbeam and many more. If you have any airports that you’d like to see added then please make sure to get in contact with us at [email protected] and we’ll try our best to accommodate your request.

You can find the set, country by country here or alternatively, you can download them in one big block here.

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Mungo Spencer

The author Mungo Spencer

I've always had a passion for aviation from a very young age. I started simming for the first time in 2010 and have been hooked ever since. A member of FSElite since its early days, I have enjoyed being a part of the rapid growth that has taken place over the last year. Which has propelled us to become one of the largest flight simulation media sites. I look forward to the future and would like to thank you all for the continued support. | View My Specs

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Nice work matey keep it going and give my your poo

Thx a lot, you rock !

I’ve put them all in the navdata folder of qw but i still don’t see maps on the display!

For me the same. I have overwrite all and I do not have any maps after that. I have put it in the stock folder.

Apologies I have found the answer in these comments. Thanks Mungo Spencer.

In reference to the 787 Global Map set, the QW navdata folder is a little complicated. Into which folder within the Navdata folder should I put the contents of this download?

Does any 787 fly short routes in Europe? I’m not a long-hauler, so wanna find good reason to start flying this beauty.

By Air France, sorry

London-Paris is flown by BA 787s

Norwegian does not fly on European routes regular. AFAIK there are maybe TUI/Thomson flights going to the typical summer destinations like Greece, Mallorca, Canaries Islands and so on. Should be all…

Jorn Lundtoft

You mention that maps are easy to make, can you explain how they’re made and if we can make our own maps if we want to?

Hola, es un articulo muy interesante la verdad, pero tenemos que intentar que este avión lo saquen para xplane 11 seria uno de los aviones mas comprados por lo menos yo seria uno de ellos

Good on you guys! Great work. Thanks.

Thanks guys!

Speedbird ATC

Thank you so much!

Andrew Thompson

Very much appreciated!!

Thanks so much guys – much appreciated.

Richard Nellyer

The word ‘Heroes’ springs to mind. Saves me a heap of work with ADE!!

highspeed cruise

fantastic, thanks so much!

What folder do i save them into?

Mungo Spencer
Mungo Spencer

Inside your P3D route folder, QualityWings/QW787/NavData/APTData/stock

Thanks much!!!

To save work, only do Airports where you know the 787 actually flies to – like don’t do short-haul endpoint airports where widebodies rarely (if all) fly to.

I think having to research every airport here to check whether or not 787’s fly into them, then having to individually select each airport to add is far more work than a block cut and paste…..


Why real-ops based only if the guys have enough time to make the list wider? Some of us fly fictional routes.

Good job, guys! Tho I have no plans for DreamFailure in my fleet, I appreciate that kind of help you spread to other fellow pilots.

Mungo Spencer
Mungo Spencer

There are flights to Dubrovnik from the UK in the 787 regularly, making these maps doesn’t take long so we don’t mind making them for places where widebodies don’t fly too regularly.

@Mungo Spencer

You have Dubrovnik Airport (and others) in there which doesn’t have any regular widebody flights.

Mungo Spencer
Mungo Spencer

That’s what we’ve aimed to do.

Nicholas Tarasek

Exactly what we needed, great work!

Awesome work, thank you!