PropStrike Studio Announces X-Plane Cessna 172 Mod

KenMyles FrontSimple 1944x

Developers PropStrike Studio has announced via Facebook that they are working on a freeware mod to improve the default C172 for X-Plane.

The announcement comes after a meeting with a former bush pilot Ken Myles. Ken used to fly a Cessna 206 in and out of small fields around Quantam River in British Colombia, Canada. Ken inspired the team to create a freeware mod for the default Cessna 172 to bring real-life experience to their Quantam River scenery.

The mod will include a cargo, tail-dragger and large wheel version to make things more interesting.

PropStrike Studio has mentioned this will also be fully compatible with the REP for the default C172 from SimCoders.

Feature List

  • 80’s Livery
  • Tail Dragger Variant
  • Cargo Variant
  • Large Wheel Variant
  • Modelled Fishing Rods
  • Pre-Installed Slant Alpha Mod Panel
  • AOA Device
  • SimCoder REP Compatibility

There have been no comments regarding release date as of yet, but be sure to keep an eye on the PropStrike Facebook page. 

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