projectFLY V3 Open Beta Now Available to Use

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We are aware that some members of the community are unaware of what projectFLY is and how it works.

It’s primary function is to be able to give the community a space to log their flights across multiple sim platforms and operating systems, as well as engage in community content. The custom built system will allow users, for free, to create an account and start tracking their movements in the sim. Everything from route, flight time, fuel burned and speed is included. All this information is contained on your account and even individual aircraft frames are kept track of. All of these details can also be seen on a mass radar which displays the flight details of all online projectFLY users, and if you choose, those flying with other online networks. Imagine Flightradar24, but for flight sim.

You don’t need to be part of a VA, nor do you need to fly online – it’s an additional tool to enhance your experience.

Further to that, you can connect your SimBrief account or use the in-built dispatch system to plan your flights. This will then give you accurate fuel burns, routing and loads. There’s also a community forum and achievement system to engage you further. Finally if you’re a streamer, you can take advantage of the tools to enhance your livestream on Twitch.

There’s an awful lot to cover, so I suggest you check out the site’s page for more information.

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If you’re not already aware of projectFLY, it is essentially your one-stop-shop for anything related to flying. It can log your flights, display you as well as all other members on a radar, record your landing rates, record your speed and altitude data from the flight, and much more.

projectFLY is currently in its second iteration, with v2 bringing a big update for the platform. V3 will be an even bigger change, however. Featuring a complete rewrite every single logic, v3 will bring the biggest change we’ve seen to it yet. A full feature list can be found at the bottom of this article.

Something that is worth noting is that FSElite are now integrated nicely into projectFLY! That’s right, you can get all of your flight simulation content direct from the new projectFLY app. We’re incredibly excited to be part of this fantastic software. If you have any feedback, please pop it down below.

projectFLY V3 is now available to use here. Don’t forget, during the open beta phase, all users’ accounts have been upgraded to take full advantage of the latest features. Please make sure you report any bugs using the feedback tool

Feature list:

  • A full rewrite of every single logic from the ground up – the app will be v3.0
  • All in one system
  • Will work on any PC or tablet. It will have limited functionality on a phone
  • Will be cross compatible – available to Windows, MacOS & Linux users
  • The bridge that connects the sim to the app will only be available if you’re using the desktop app (you can still view everything via your web browser though)
  • Optimized to work on all resolutions
  • Automatically connects to Flight Sim – no more running 3rd party apps to start your flight
  • Messenger System (for chatting with friends & also integrated with the support ticket system)
  • Fully functioning dispatcher using Real World Technology, with the ability to also use SimBrief (and also the ability to do everything yourself if you’re that way inclined)
  • No longer reliant on FSUIPC/XUIPC – the bridge is now completely native to the sim (FSX/P3D/X-Plane with more planned simulators to follow)


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