UPDATE: projectFLY v3.0 Coming January 16 2018

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UPDATE @ 23:55z on Jan 13 2018

A quick update from Matt via email says that the app and new website will be live on January 16 2018. The new version will be released as an ‘open beta’, but should be very stable for the most part. As a thank you and a gesture of good will, everyone’s account will be updated to “Platinum”. You’ll be able to see how feature rich the app really will be.

The update should happen between 0300z and 0600z, so he asks that you don’t fly during that time to ensure details get saved and the process is smooth. Whilst it’s just a suggestion, he did say that anyone flying in that period, their flights will be added manually by the projectFLY team (not fun, I imagine).


In an email sent out by Matt Davies (the founder of projectFLY) we have received some updates regarding the current state of the popular logbook service and what is yet to come in the near future. The email starts off with Matt apologizing for the amount of time between updates and that a lot has changed since the last email that he sent out.

He states that the initial plan was to release the projectFLY app in October, just before the Flightsim Show at RAF Cosford. Although at this stage they decided to hold off as it was not particularly feature rich and was lacking complexity.

However, next came the more exciting news: the app is currently being wrapped up on its current build and with only a small to-do list to complete, it is close to being release into open beta. This beta will be available to all projectFLY users and is estimated to last roughly a week. There is no current release date for this open beta however Matt stated that ‘it’s close’. 

This update is an entirely new rewrite of everything meaning that it will take some effort from the projectFLY team in order to make the transition as smooth and effortless as possible. So please do not become complacent with them if some things do not work at first or it does not go all to plan. Although I’m sure it will with Matt’s acute attention to detail.

Once the open beta is over the team will work to replace the current website and thus, the projectFLY app will be in full swing.

There are some great new features coming in this next update including a fully functioning app for tablets and cross compatibility. I will leave the entire feature list below.

Feature list:

  • A full rewrite of every single logic from the ground up – the app will be v3.0
  • All in one system
  • Will work on any PC or tablet. It will have limited functionality on a phone
  • Will be cross compatible – available to Windows, MacOS & Linux users
  • The bridge that connects the sim to the app will only be available if you’re using the desktop app (you can still view everything via your web browser though)
  • Optimized to work on all resolutions
  • Automatically connects to Flight Sim – no more running 3rd party apps to start your flight
  • Messenger System (for chatting with friends & also integrated with the support ticket system)
  • Fully functioning dispatcher using Real World Technology, with the ability to also use SimBrief (and also the ability to do everything yourself if you’re that way inclined)
  • No longer reliant on FSUIPC/XUIPC – the bridge is now completely native to the sim (FSX/P3D/X-Plane with more planned simulators to follow)
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