Update (16-Oct-19): ProjectFLY Status Update [Back Online]

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Update posted 16-Oct-19 @ 15:30 by Calum

Since the original post, projectFLY is now back online. The team left comments on various social networks saying that the team has “cleared enough of the bill to have the services reinstated.” Whilst the team said there is still £700 left to clear from the original bill, the servers are now back online.

Following this, it is also said that the team will be “working as close to around the clock as possible in order to ensure v4 is out ASAP.” It is re-confirmed that v4 of projectFLY will have a subscription service, which “providing enough people subscribe, [to] stop things like this from happening again.”


== Original Article posted 15-Oct-19 @ 19:45z ==

Earlier today, at roughly 1500Z, popular community flight tracking and booking tool projectFLY went down. Matt Davies has taken to Facebook with a status update regarding projectFLY and the current situation he and the tool find themselves in.

In his post, Matt explains that the current downtime is because the Google account that projectFLY runs on has been suspended. This is because of an outstanding bill of 2750GBP, which Matt is currently not able to pay. He was under the expectation that he would have until the end of the month to get this bill paid, which is sadly not the case. Matt has been raising money via his livestream as well as other methods to keep projectFLY up and running.

Matt’s update continues on a more personal note, talking about his sentiment regarding the community. Towards the end of the update he states that projectFLY is not dead, and that “it’ll never die”. Though small downtime like this may happen, now and in the future, Matt is looking for different ways to keep projectFLY up and running. What the current downtime means for v4 of projectFLY remains to be seen, though Matt did state that v4 would hopefully become self-sustaining.

As for PTA users, these are currently also affected by this issue due to the PTA activation running on the same servers as projectFLY. Matt is currently working on setting up the activation servers on a different hosting platform. This should be done by tomorrow, according to him.

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