Prepar3D 64Bit Confirmed! And will be released this Year.


03/08/2017 An article appeared on Defense Daily on February 28th. It details an interview with Lockheed Martins spokesman Gregory Lester. In this article, Lester all but confirms the next version of Prepar3D will be 64-bit, and will be coming out this year.

The article is by Pat Host. It state’s several Military’s, and organizations around the world use Prepar3D for training purposes. It then gives a brief history of the Prepare3D platform. However, the most noteworthy part states; That The Orion Space Program, Approached Lockheed about using Prepar3D for training. There are quotes from the article below. The one we want to focus on will confirm the rumor previously released by FSElite. In the article Brett Vonsik, Chief Engineer for the Innovation Demonstration Center at Lockheed Martin; States that “the 64-Bit version of Prepar3D will allow for an even higher simulation”. Lester makes another statement in the Interview. Claiming Lockheed is continuing to invest in Prepar3D. Further stating they will continue to add new features, and capabilities to the platform. Notably with the next major release expected this year.

In conclusion, the rumor’s that V4 of Prepar3D would be 64-Bit, and releasing this year; Are confirmed! By Gregory Lester himself, In an interview with Defense Daily. The article published on Defense Daily by Pat Host, Is linked below.

Quotes from the article

  • “Lockheed Martin, Lester said, continues to reinvest in Prepar3D to add new capabilities and features. He said a new major release is expected this year, welcoming further enhancements to better train student pilots.”
  • “The Orion space capsule program has approached the innovation demonstration center about using Prepar3D for training as Prepar3d currently goes up to 18,000 miles. Vonsik said the 64-bit version of Prepar3D will allow even higher simulation.”

Link to the Article.  Warning! It is locked behind a paywall. Please note FSElite has purchased the full article and due to this, we are unable to share the entire article.

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