Orbx First Look: San Diego International Airport (KSAN)

Orbx’s John Lovell posted late Thursday evening the first look at the astonishing class bravo airport from Matteo Veneziani. The screenshots were taken in P3D V3.2.

Matteo delivers the expected intricate detail we’ve come to know and love from Orbx. All of downtown San Diego appears to be featured including: Petco Park, the waterfront convention center, Balboa Park and Coronado Island. Although it is difficult to tell through the screenshots, knowing Orbx it would be safe to assume that San Diego Naval Supply Center will be modeled as well for the Navy Jocks.

Judging by the level of detail in the first look, we can expect that our 737’s and A320’s will be making a lot more trips to the military town fairly soon.

San Diego International Airport is located in the Southwestern United States and borders Mexico to the south. The airport is host to over 20 airlines, 3 cargo carriers, and a fixed based operator for general aviation traffic. In 2015, the airport connected over 20 million passengers.

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