Prepar3D v4 Logos and Assets Found On Official Website

Prepar3D V4 Logo

For months, we’ve been giving the community the scoop on the latest rumours and information regarding the long-awaited announcement of Prepar3D v4 in official capacity. We know that the team will be attending Flight Sim Con 2017 in June, and we fully expect them to bring more information about their sim then. With the conference less than a month away, it’s inevitable that things will slip out. One of our readers uncovered that Lockheed Martin have began uploading assets for Prepar3D v4 to their website.

What’s interesting is some of the file names. Some are generic such as “header” and “background”, but you can also see “Prepar3d v4 Large” and more interestingly, “Buy-Now”. Does this mean we could see a release sooner than later?


Some of the more interesting assets are:

Header image – notice the dark pattern textures.
We placed the logo image onto a chequered background to show the logo. The image itself is transparent.
We combined the two to give a professional finish. You can’t find this in the assets – we assumed this would be how it may look. It probably wont be the final look.

As you can see, they’re very dark in colour palette, which suggests that the icon that was on Mathjis’ home PC is indeed accurate. You can find the files yourself with this link.

Further to this, we’ve had an independent party send us screenshots of having the product in the store cart showing the “Academic” price being the same as it is currently for v3: meaning it’s $59.95. According to this user, they were able to purchase the product, receive a product key and password. However, when heading to the account page, the download wasn’t available. We’ve seen the emails and screenshots, but can’t confirm if this is true at this point. Of course, we’re fully aware something like this can EASILY be faked, but our source has provided us detailed accounts of information before pertaining to Preapr3D information.


UPDATE ON THIS @ 11:00z on 14MAY2017

A few more users have contacted us telling us that they’ve also been able to buy the product and receive keys as well. Some users have contacted Lockheed Martin for a response, but have yet to hear back.

I’ve included both shots below for the naysayers.



We’re expecting more details from Lockheed soon regarding official news. We reckon this will come much sooner than previously expected! Stay tuned to FSElite for more information.

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