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Prepar3D V4 – What We Know From Developers – Part 2

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Bumped to the front page again. Updated on June 3rd 2017.

With the announcement of Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D V4, we are committed to ensuring you’re kept up to date with what flight sim developers are going to do with the new simulator. P3D V4 brings a huge change in core coding and as a result, many developers will need to ensure their products are correctly ported over.

You can read Part One here. Covered in part one are:

  • TFDi Deisgns
  • FSDreamTeam
  • A2A Simulations
  • FlyTampa
  • PMDG
  • TOGA Projects
  • FlightBeam Studios
  • 29Palms
  • LatinVFR
  • REX
  • Turbulent Designs
  • Orbx
  • Aerosoft
  • Hi-Fi Simulations
  • Milviz
  • FS2Crew
  • Black Box Simulations
  • PILOT’S!
  • FSLabs
  • JustFlight
  • Dreamflight Studios
  • iBlueYonder
  • UK2000
  • Majestic
  • CaptinSim
  • ImagineSim
  • FSFlightControl



For some reason, some people were worried that Pete wouldn’t be making FSUIPC for Prepar3D version 4. Well the man himself has now confirmed that we will see FSUIPC. However, it will be a new version making it FSUIPC5. Fair enough if you ask us considering he’s been offering free updates for many years now. He says the weather stuff will be taken out and some other facilities may not work yet.

Won’t be released day 1, but hopefully not long after.

LH Simulations

The team behind Budapest (LHBP) was created in a 32-bit environment so is not currently compatible for P3D V4. However, the team have said they will be upgrading the product as soon as they can. Right now, there isn’t a release schedule for an update, or any details on pricing.

iFly Products (747 / 737)

Reader Marek contacted the iFly team over on their forums and received the following response which he gave FSElite permission to reproduce:

There is no official announcement yet as dev teams are still analyzing what, how, and if the product will be compatible or can be made with v4 yet as some do not even have advance copies of it to start research. My suggestion is to still keep v3 active until announcements and/or if and when updates will be provided. More information should be available after the official release.

Vatsim vPilot

Over on the Vatsim forums, the developer of vPilot confirmed that he “should be all set when V4 comes out”. Ross said that he’ll have to determine which SimConnect version is required and will post instructions on the vPilot web site. As for AI models, this is a different question altogether and we’ll do what we can to find out. Further Evan from Boton Virtual posted comments stating that pilots he knew with beta versions of Prepar3D V4 have had it working fine.


Keith from PilotEdge confirmed that as PilotEdge runs outside of the P3D environment, that there shouldn’t be an issue when P3D V4 releases on Tuesday 30th May 2017.

Flight1 GTN 750

Over on the Flight1 forums, Jim Rhoads updated a forum user saying that eventually the GTN 750 will be compatible for P3D V4. There will be an upgrade fee associated as it is “no small feat to make it V4 compatible”. The product won’t be ready on release day of V4, so they’re advising you stick with V3 if you plan on using it.

RealAir Simulations – NOT CONFIRMED

Although we haven’t had official confirmation, the video from Rob (beta tester of Prepar3D V4) shows him flying and using the RealAir Simulations’ Lancair Legacy. Now, the RealAir Turbine Duke was also updated for Prepar3D V3 before the developers decided to no longer develop products.

We’re also informed that the aircraft uses XML and not DLL, so there shouldn’t be an impact on the fact that P3D V4 is a 64-bit sim.

We’ll continue to push for an official confirmation and do some testing once it’s out.


Leandro from TropicalSim updated Avsim user Sfgiants13 with information about their products. Essentially, TropicalSim say that scenery that is compatible with P3D V2/V3 should work just the same with V4 (just without any special features). Until they get a copy of the sim itself, they won’t be able to update or confirm any plans. If there are no changes, then there will be no upgrade fee.

GoFlight Technologies

Tony from GoFlight Technologies wrote to me to inform me that their GF-Config tool has been updated to version 2.28.0 which is now compatible with P3DV4. So for anyone who uses the great stuff from them will now be able to build their home cockpit in the 64-bit world.

Drzewiecki Design

Stanislaw from Drzewiecki Designs confirmed to us that all of their products “work fine” with P3DV4, but they will need to create new installers. They have confirmed they will update alll of their P3DV4 installers asap. However, NY City X will need a few updates so it works perfectly with their upcoming New York Airports V2.


If you’re a developer and want to let us know if your product works, feel free to contact us.



Vidian Designs

– Awaiting a response –

IRIS Simulation Software

– Awaiting a response – In contact with the developer.


– Awaiting a response –


– We have reached out for information –

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