RUMOUR: Prepar3d v4 Coming Soon – In Beta, New Lighting Engine, 64-Bit, Releasing Soon


Update: I have changed the title to be a fairer reflection. Whilst I fully believe in the information and the source, I appreciate the confusion. Apologies to anyone who felt as though this was clickbait. I assure you, I did research before presenting this information to the community.

Thanks for your continued support and if you have further feedback please let me know.


Original article;

*Rumour from verified source*


We’ve been posting news and information regarding Lockheed Martin’s worst kept secret for a while now. We all know that Prepar3d v4 is coming and will be 64-bit. Multiple developers have hinted at a 2017 release, but now, we’re hearing from beta testers that actually, it is sooner than expected along with some new features.

A conversation happening on Facebook led to a member of the beta team discussing certain things about the upcoming platform that probably impact their Non-Disclosure Agreement.

The source, which has been verified by a member of the FSElite team and someone external, comes from a well known developer within the community. However, as it’s not confirmed by Lockheed Martin, we’ll still mark this as a rumour.

This person has stated that “P3D 64 bit coming soon” with an emphasis that beta testing has been on-going for a while now. Not only that, but this person stated their “add-ons seem to work,” which suggest that many developers have already taken the time to ensure that they are compatible with this new Sim. What’s interesting is that they mention that a new lighting engine has been added.

This is obviously good news, but not something that should come unexpected. What this source did say was that we can expect a “surprise” when it’s out in the near future. This surprise is an alternative to X-Plane 11’s physics based rendering engine.

The entire transcript is posted on a private Facebook page, but I’ve selected the highlights below. I’ve covered names and photos to help protect identities, but this will only go so far as it’s in public view on social media.

We’ve contacted the source for any further information, but have yet to hear anything back.

Green is the original source and orange is other members asking questions.

Some clarification:

  • The “my Facebook account was hacked” was simply a joke among some of the people in the comment section. The information is genuine. In a further comment, the source said “Lockheed Martin have black vans outside my house to take me away” (or words to that affect), so we can assume this is a joke.
  • The developer is a scenery dev. As a result, when he says “all add-ons work”, this is probably referring to scenery products. Why? Scenery products are the least impacted by 64 bit as they typically don’t require DLLs to function.
  • I contacted the source a day ago, but haven’t heard back. I’ve used the people I verified the person with to reach out, but no such luck. If I have any updates, I will let you know.

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…and there we are, with P3D x64… bye bye XP!

William Smith

I don’t think this will ever happen….

this is bullshit

The sad part about orbx is that some of their old products are so obsolete they need updating NOW. they are terribly unoptimized and are getting slaughtered by new releases performance for looks wise.

So not sure whats the point of putting that old dated stuff into a new platform without revising it. and yes, orbx has said they will not revise old things (ie anything in Australia/nz).

So even they since you all want to drop their name as the saviors are literally working with half of portfolio TODAY. the pmdg777 is already aging and due for a remake.

Of course 90% of the stuff won’t work.

And it will never be updated. Hell, many devs still cant even get their shit to work with p3d and their official stance is “eventually, not a priority”

So enjoy having no scenery and few planes from the big boys. Its going to be an empty virtual world.

Do you think that addons like AS 2016 with ASCA or aerosoft airbus and qw 757 will work on the new P3Dv4 64bit? I’m affraid that developers will create new products and they are going to (of course) take money for it. I’m very affraid because I’ve recently bought few addons. At least the ORBX should be fine. I’m not familiar in programming but to me 64 bit is new engine, new engine means different “scripting” in fsx you will open .cfg file and write a line and I think you cant do it in e.g. X-plane. To me it means that most addons wont work.

XPlane 10 was ALREADY in 64 bits – so I don’t really see huge numbers of pilots moving away from P3D. I think the ‘new’ P3D v4 will be ‘all that and a bag of chips’, I have read that DLLs require re-writes for 64-bits, for example orbx says their ObjectFlow.dll module will need updating for V4, but their overall sceneries should be OK. We will see though, once V4 releases. Orbx has publicly stated NO CHARGE to upgrade existing versions of their products to V4. If it works for you on your V3 build, it will auto-update to V4 no charge.

I don’t get why everyone is waiting with baited breath? V4 is supposed to have improved lighting: x-plane 11… supposed to have a Physics Based flight model: x-plane for years… is supposed to be 64 bit: x-plane 10 and 11. Since its 64 bit, all your costly addons may or may not work (probably more in the direction of not working, and if working then not to the fullest potential or full of errors). So why wait? What Prepar3d V4 (if it comes out at some point in time) is trying to do, is what x-plane 11 is doing right now. Im not waiting, I’m allready Flying – X-plane 11.

PS: Another Candidate to Watch is Aerofly FS2. It seems to be still work in progress, but seems to be heading along the right path.

PS2: I also have no licensing problems. X-plane is for home use. Thats maybe why there is not much Info coming from LM. Why should they make a big Deal About it? The flightsim is not intended for the masses (everyday home pilot like you and me).

Nathan Palmer

You have very valid points Capt Pete. I recently got a new computer that should smoke for any sim and upon getting going on a P3Dv3.4 flight got the OOM and that made me decide to try Xplane 11 now that there is a RC1 and out of Beta.

Sliders max in XP11 and flying in VR on Pilot Edge. While everything XP is doing in 11 they are doing right and leading in, there are still a few things missing that can be found in P3D. Even AeroFly FS2 exceeds in areas that neither XP or P3D do.

It is for that reason that I now use XP11 as my night sim only and on PilotEdge. With the 3d panel mod for the GTN750 in the default C172 enjoying SoCal, the immersion level is completely off the charts in VR.

In P3D its all about the planes, scenery and addons like FSPax as just one example that I can not get in XP. In Aerofly, once we see what Orbx plans to do with that and what addon developers who also my jump aboard, feel that could be an amazing sim for VFR due to the photoreal and high FPS sim that it is. Sounded like PilotEdge was looking to also get it working with them so that could end up being an amazing VFR training sim with having ATC and full VFR photoreal scenery running smooth as any sim we have seen.

Interestingly, Orbx won’t be charging for the next P3D v4update. Maybe there’s been a breakthrough in compatibility issue resolution between 32bit and 64bit as it is a big giveaway by Orbx. Just a thought.

I believe Orbx has been working with Lockheed Martin for a long time and that version 3 was allready been re-compiled to 64 bit that we are running with a build in switch when Orbx let’s us download P3D v4 it will switch to 64 bit therefore they are saying no re-download of scenery files.

Craig Hustadt


Nice words Mike, but if you had better info you would know its gonna be 64bit, i gonna give you one hint were to look 😉

Orbx…. and……and……and….. 😉😂

Sounds like a staged ploy concocted by P3D (Lockheed Martin) to make people pump the brakes on moving over to XP11. I’ll believe all this snake oil hype when I actually see it with my own eyes. This isn’t a leak, it’s an attempt to prevent people from moving to XPlane. Does anyone believe differently? I’m not falling for it. As of right now XP11 blows the doors off of P3D v 3.4 even in it’s beta stage. Good luck Lockheed playing catch up.

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for your nice reply 🙂

I totally agree with you,time will tell 😉



Hello M Postema,

I’m not saying its true or not but, something like this would be hard to believe until its heard from the horses mouth. The only reason I say this is because it’s 64 bit. That is going to change a lot of things, especially if my addons don’t work. This would mean a lot of money has been wasted. Now I’m at the point where I would love to purchase more addons that I want but I don’t won’t too due to them not being compatible on a 64 bit platform. I'[m trying to keep hope alive but, that’s a little hard right now. I’m going to keep the little hope alive that i have that the addons will work. We will see. thought.


Hi Brandon,

LM did not say the last releases v2 and V3 were coming until two, one or just hours before they released these versions of Prepar3d.

Lots of people did not even know they were released until they did see it on other sites then the Prepar3d website, So just wait and see 🙂



I wouldn’t believe it until LM says it themselves. As far as we are concerned, the OP may not be a dev. Not saying he isn’t but, I don’t know him so…..Anyways all I’m saying is, it would be nice to have 64bit but for all your 32bit add-ons to work in it seems a bit out there. If this can happen then please explain to me how.


The thing that has me doubting this is the “All our addons seem to work” bit. Sorry, as a developer this can’t be. 32bit addons cannot work on a 64 bit program like an operating system.

So, either it’s coming and he is just creating hype or he is guessing and hoping.

Also, he says “all MY addons” which probably implies his aircraft too, unless he flies default…

I wish i could smell emilia clarke’s feet.

J.F. Mitchell

Just her feet?

As a developer I would very seriously consider stop supporting FSX and P3D 32 bits, the second 64 bits come out. Would be nice to develop for one platform that actually meets today’s standards, and there would in that case most likely be too much work to make “lite” versions for older platforms. I understand the dilemma for a lot of people though.

I’m holding off spending anymore on p3d software until they release v4 luckily I’ve not invested much as I only just got back into, and if p3d isn’t a full 64bit program (I hear rumours its going to be a bodged fsx engine that is faux 64 bit) I will be switching to x plane but I’ll wait to see what LM present us, the only reason I haven’t switched is the lack of add on developers supporting x plane, it’s a catch 22 developers don’t make want to support a game without as large of a community but the community don’t want to switch is because the lack of adding.

We could use more developers on “the dark side”. 🙂 X-plane 11. I think that the framework that X-Plane is based on could be considered modern. It’s certanly 64 bit, and VAS or OOM problems… Whats that?

OK Rumour has it that P3dv 4 is coming. It’s going to be 64bit Rumour has it that the Messiah is coming?. My rumour is! That if the stuff I will have to replace. Aircraft/ Scenery all 3rd party stuff has to be repurchased at the age of 69 there will be a lot of people out there like myself will just will not bother with P3dv4 No matter how good it is. It would just cost too much!.

FSELITE is definitely becoming the best news source in the Flightsim community. Always breaking news first!

The other site that begins with “A” is ridiculous his head is bigger than the entire sim community. He pushes goods of devs who give him freebies. I wouldn’t believe anything you read on that site. Try to say anything that goes angaints his agenda and see what happens, lol.

Indeed great work from FSElite team, breaking news without all the arrogant bs from the a* site 😉

Calum Martin

Thank you.

We continue to work towards being a reliable source of information.

Thanks for your continued support

Absolutely. FSElite has been destroying the other two news sites that begin with “A”. And one was arrogant enough to think he couldn’t get “beat” (his words). Sorry to say….you got TROUNCED by FSElite!

that’s a great news…………..hope it will be a fast delivery

It’s all good news, and I really am looking forward to the release. Unless this is ‘fake news’….

Well that person won’t be a beta tester then after breaking the non disclosure agreement lol but good news all around


Don’t get your hopes up too much.

“This surprise is an alternative to X-Plane 11’s physics based rendering engine.”

Any itty-bitty improvement of the P3D lighting engine can be called an alternative to XP11s engine.

By not releasing the specifics all this is trying to do is make some of the players who have spent a lot on addons in P3D not give up the emotional attachment then jump ship to buy XP11 when it releases.

They thought they had a stranglehold, didn’t care about user’s love of flightsims first and push ahead with technology, then got leapfrogged.

If they has anything of substance, they’d have revealed more than X-plane devs by now, and released a bigger demo. XP11 showed they meant what they said and weren’t just selecting screenies and videos to put their engine in the best light by releasing a demo. Shouldn’t trust anything short of a demo from competitors.