Prepar3D V4.5 Reportedly Nearing Beta Testing

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Prepar3D V4.4 was released back in November when we exclusively reported that PBR was going to be the next major change to the platform. Since then we have seen many developers take advantage of the technology and many more express an interest. During our interview with Adam Breed during the same time, he said that he couldn’t talk about the future, but that plans were underway. Those plans were left unknown, but now we have some evidence which suggests that Prepar3D V4.5 is in the works and that it shall enter beta very soon.

Over on the Orbx forums, there has been a lot of discussion regarding CityScene Orlando – specifically regarding loading times. The developer behind the project spoke out on the forums saying that this is due to a bug with Prepar3D itself. With that in mind, it was made clear that Adam Breed had been in touch with Orbx regarding a possible fix.

That fix is designed to help loading times for large scenery packages. According to Orbx developer, Allen Kriesman, the bug has been fixed with P3D V4.5. According to him, this beta should be “out in about a week”. Allen went onto say how much he appreciated the team’s efforts in finding and resolving this bug, which dates back to the FSX era, but has only been relevant since the advent of 64-bit.

It should be made absolutely clear that:

  • This is not the only ‘fix’ or feature with Prepar3D V4.5
  • As mentioned, the developer has said it is due for beta testing next week. This is NOT an indication of a public release happening any time soon.

There is further detail in this thread regarding an update for Orbx CityScene Orlando. We shall cover that in a separate post, to not distract from the important information above.

Although you need to register in order to see the information, you can find out the details on the Orbx forums.

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