UPDATED 04DEC18: Prepar3D V4.4 Add-on Compatibility Update List

Prepar3d V44COMP

Last Updated 24 Dec 2018 @ 01:59z

  • REX WX Advantage Radar Updated (TU6)

Last Updated 04 Dec 2018 @ 20:00z

  • Flight1 GTN 650/750 and GNS 430/530 updated

Updated 03 Dec 2018 @ 21:30z

  • TomatoShade updated

Updated 03 Dec 2018 @ 1030z

  • Flightsim Labs A320/A319 updated.

Updated 02 Dec 2018 @ 12:30z

  • Aerosoft SimStarter now working
  • PTA update available to enable P3D V4.4 support

Updated 01 Dec 2018 @ 15:00z

  • REX Products working
  • EZCA update

Updated 29 Nov 2018 @ 21:00z

  • Some Milviz products added (working)
  • Official PMDG source added (working)
  • EZDOK status added (not working)
  • Aerosoft Simstarter added (Unknown)
  • Some Carenado planes added (working)
  • Added EZCA (patch in progress)

Updated 29 Nov 2018 @ 09:00z

  • QW787 / QW146 added as “working” based on community feedback.
  • TOGA Projects ENVTEX and ENVSHADE confirmed as working with new update
  • REX statement added (compatibility coming soon)

Updated: 29 Nov 2018 @ 02:00z

  • Updated FSLabs (not working)
  • Added link to Flythemaddog X (confirmed working)
  • Added few other developers at request of user comments (A2A, TFDi and Majestic)

Updated: 28 Nov 2018 @ 23:45z

  • Qualitywings, REX and Flight1 added as unknown
  • PMDG and FlythemaddogX confirmed to work by the community. Can’t find an official word from either company yet.
  • MK-Studios added as confirmed by developer.

Update 28 Nov 2018 @ 22:30z

  • PTA and TomatoShade statements added
  • Active Sky now ready for P3D V4.4
  • Added TOGA Projects to the list.

Original Article: 28 Nov 2018 @ 21:00z

his post below will give a brief summary of the current situation regarding third-party add-ons and their compatibility with the newly released version 4.4 of Prepar3D. As of right now, the list is kind of empty, but we’ll be updating this thread frequently. If you see anything we’ve missed, let us know in the comment section. If you’re a developer, feel free to reach out!

NOTE: This list doesn’t indicate whether it takes advantage of the new technology, but simply functions as expected. 


Product(s): Aircraft

Current Status: Unknown

Statement: N/A

Source: N/A


Product(s): A318/ 319 / 320 / 321

Current Status: Working

Statement: “All works fine, in fact, better!

As always our aircraft always uses the latest technology, so the A330 is fully build to take advantage of the new options. If we update the current models is not decided yet.”

Source: Aerosoft forums


Product(s): Aerosoft Simstarter NG

Current Status: Working

Statement:V1.8.5 Rev 2 is required

Source: Aerosoft Forum


Product(s): Carenado S360 v1.1 / Carenado SVS

Current Status: Carenado S360 v1.1 – Working (community submission) / Carenado SVS – Working

Statement: N/A

Source: Comment section

Captain Sim

Product(s): Aircraft 757

Current Status: Unknown

Statement: N/A

Source: N/A

HiFi Active Sky for Prepar3D V4

Current Status: Patch Available (Version 6906 beta)

Statement: ASP4 Update 112818 (B6906) has been posted as an OPEN BETA update for those who wish to participate. This includes P3D v4.4 compatibility as well as several fixes and enhancements. Download the update from our downloads page at

Source: HiFi Website


Product(s): EZCA

Current Status: Patch Released (2.8)

Statement: “Hi dear user of EZCA. Please visit to our forum to get latest 2.8 version for P3D 4.4

This version also support all previous version of P3D 3.xx  4.xx  FSX , FSX-Steam Edition.

This is BETA version. Not release !!!”

Source: EZCA website


Product(s): GTN/GNS Products

Current Status: Updated

Statement: “Hello,
We have made the Flight1 GTN Complete and GNS Complete compatible with P3D V4.4.
In order to make the gauges work with P3D V4.4, you must have the latest version of the GTN and GNS installed:
GTN Complete V2.06
GNS Complete V2.03
Please run the F1 Update Tool(icon found on desktop/start menu or P3D V4\F1TGTN(or F1GNS) folder. And make sure that you get the definitions v1.12 by clicking the Download button.
This is it, the GTN/GNS should work fine”

Source: Flight1 GTN/GNS Forum


Product(s): Scenery / GSX

Current Status: Works fine

Statement: “We have been using only P3D 4.4 for months now and, of course, everything already works out of the box, with no upgrade required, since we install everything in the proper way (using the add-on.xml file, everything outside the simulator), and since 4.0 came out, we are no longer bound by the precise release build.”

Source: FSDreamTeam Forum


Product(s): A320X / A319X

Current Status: Working

Statement: “We released a quick compatibility update (v266b) for our 64-bit A320-X and A319-X products for Prepar3D v4, to make them compatible with v4.4. This is an interim update, no changes in the code other than to ensure compatibility with v4.4. The upcoming larger update is being tested and will find its way to you soon.”

Source: Statement post from Lefteris confirmed. Full thread here.


Product(s): FSUIPC5

Current Status: Works

Statement: “FSUIPC5 is okay as it is — it doesn’t use any hacks into the code in P3D4 as it used to in the 32-bit world, so it doesn’t need changes for every release. There will be an FSUIPC 5.15 release though, but only to consolidate a number of relatively minor changes into a formal release.”

Source: SimFlight forums

Leonardo SH

Product(s): Fly The Maddog X MD-82

Current Status: Works

Statement: “P3D v4.4 has been released: Fly the Maddog X SP1 works well without known issues and we are already at work for adding PBR to our models, that will come as an hotfix in the near future.”

Source: Facebook

Majestic Software

Product(s): Aircraft (Dash 8 Q400)

Current Status: Working (Community submission)

Statement: Nothing from developers, but multiple community members are commenting that it works just fine.

Source: Comment section

Mettar Simulations

Product(s): PTA / projectFLY

Current Status: Working. PTA requires new update 2.63.

Statement: “PTA & projectFLY (as well as any other in-house products) will always be updated to support the latest version of Prepar3D. We are currently working on a new updated version of PTA which will bring many new features & tweaks to Prepar3D. We are also working towards integration with our recently announced product, Simstall. We will have more news in the not too distant future.”

Source: Avsim Forum


Product(s): DHC-2 Beaver / DHC-3T Turbo Otter

Current Status: Works (Community submission)

Statement: (Community member): “Milviz DHC-2 Beaver and DHC-3T Turbo Otter work fine if MilvizRex WX Radar is disabled.”

Source: Comment section


Product(s): All Scenery

Current Status: Works fine

Statement: We confirm that all our scenery are P3D V4.4 compatible.

Source: Facebook


Product(s): All Scenery / Regions / ObjectFlow

Current Status: Works fine

Statement: N/A

Source: Confirmed with multiple developers at Orbx via personal communication


Product: ChasePlane

Current Status: Compatible with update 1.0.17

Statement: N/A

Source: Product update on run


Product: Immersion Packages

Current Status: Unknown

Statement: N/A

Source: N/A


Product(s): 737NGX / 777X / 747-400 QOTSII / 747-8

Current Status: Works

Statement: “You should have no issues with forward compatibility in any PMDG product currently working in Prepar3D v4.3.  It is very important to us that we not obstruct your forward progress in minor version updates of Prepar3D, so we do not inhibit the airplane from running with a new version.  Such inhibitors are untidy and rather unfriendly- and haven’t proven to be necessary in any regard- so if you want to move to P3D v4.4 you won’t find any problems on our end.”

Source: PMDG Forums

QualityWings Simulations

Product(s): Ultimate 787 / Ultimate 146

Current Status: Working (Community submission)

Statement: Developer emailed is on vacation, but said the last round of testing they did on the platform showed that it worked. Multiple community members also say it is working.

Source: My inbox and our comment section.

REX Simulations

Product(s): REX 5 – Sky Force* / Worldwide Airports // REX4 – Texture Direct Enhanced Edition / Soft Clouds / Texture Direct w/Soft Clouds Enhanced Edition / WX Advantage Radar

Current Status: Working (official statement) / Works (community submission)

Statement: “The above REX products are compatible with P3D V4.4. *The PTA files in the Sky Force PTA section are awaiting PTA to be updated

Source: REX Forum post


Product(s): WX Advantage Radar

Current Status: Patch In Development

Statement: “Due to the public announcement of P3D v4.4 – we are officially announcing the development of Technical Update 6 for the WX Advantage Radar. We hope to be in Alpha Cycle testing soon after the release of P3D v4.4.”

Source: Facebook

TFDi Design

Product(s): Aircraft (717) / TrueGlass / RealLight

Current Status: 717 is working (community submission)

Statement: Various members of the community suggest it works

Source: Comment section


Product(s): TomatoShade

Current Status: Working

Statement: The compatibility update for TomatoShade is live – Navigate to “General -> Check for new Version tab and press “Check for Updates to receive it. Apply your shader preset as usual, aircraft profiles don’t need to get applied again.

Source: From Tomato



Current Status: Patch released for compatibility

Statement: “We are glad to announce that both Envtex and Envshade have been updated for Prepar3D v4.4 that was released a few hours ago by Lockheed Martin,
In order to update your product, please open Envdir and click the update button or simply connect to your SimMarket account to download the new patches and install them.

These updates only are portovers to add Prepar3D v4.4 compatibility but as you already know, a much bigger Envtex update will be coming before the end of this year.
We are also working on some Envshade enhancements as well and we are pretty sure you will like the next update !

Changelog Envtex 1.1.6:
– Prepar3D v4.4 compatibility added

Changelog Envshade 1.0.5:
– Prepar3D v4.4 compatibility added”

Source: Facebook

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