Prepar3d V3.4 Hotfix 2 Coming Soon


Adam Breed from Lockheed Martin has confirmed that another hotfix is in the works for Prepar3d and will be coming soon. In a conversation regarding increased VAS usage, he stated that in the new hotfix, they have “reworked an area of code to more aggressively purge data when traveling large distances”.

This continues to positive trend that Lockheed Martin are listening to customers and continuing to update their products to further enhance the quality. Of course, not always great news for people with products that depend on DLLs, but the support from those developers is usually pretty speedy.

Below is his full statement:


In the upcoming v3.4 hotfix 2 we have reworked an area of code to more aggressively purge data when traveling large distances. We believe it might improve some of these VAS reports. Feel free to continue to report use cases and any specific reproduction steps.


After we broke the news of Lockheed Martin announcing a ‘new version’ of their Prepar3d software, we’re sure that this simple hotfix probably isn’t what their Tweet was about.

We’re also hoping this hotfix will solve the issue for FSlabs and they will FINALLY release their A320 for Prepar3d!

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