PMDG Winter Solstice Update

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PMDG Founder Robert Randazzo has pushed on the PMDG forums an comprehensive post of what is to come in the next couple of weeks. This covers the NGXu but also the PMDG 777 and 747 Queen of the the Skies II. Here’s a small wrap up.

PMDG NGXu and 737-600/700 update

PMDG will push another update right around Christmas that will mostly concern the EFB and a few aircraft system upgrades. In the mean time, this update will prepare the grounds for the 737-600 and -700 add-on that is scheduled for release shortly after New Year.

PMDG Global Flight Operations

Announced over a year ago at the Flight Sim Expo 2018, it appears that PMDG Global Flight Ops is due for release in the first quarter of 2020. The team are currently bringing servers online and doing a wide security audit. It has also been announced that PMDG GFO will be compatible with Aerosoft and TFDi, hinting an agreement between parties has already been reached.

PMDG 777 Update

PMDG had hinted in the past several time they were planning onto bringing the EFB of the 737 NGXu to the 777 and fix a batch of issues in the 777. Unfortunately, the announcement of MSFS has postponed this update that was previously scheduled for the end of 2019. PMDG has now announced they would likely not bring the EFB to the 777 and instead push the various fixes without it. No date has been set so far regarding these. The update will be pushed through the Operations Center 2.0

PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II

An update to the Queen similar to the one of the 747 was scheduled, but had to be pushed further for the same reasons. PMDG is looking to implement a new ground physics model and a general cleanup of small bugs they have found during the past year since the last update.

MSFS release schedule

Randazzo is not allowed to provide the add-ons release schedule for MSFS but promises to give one as soon as possible.

As a conclusion, Randazzo reiterated they would NOT work on a future PMDG MD-11 and they were NOT interested in porting products to X-Plane. The phrasing is blunt but clear. There has been no mention of any other new add-on or concerning the Jetstream 41, that at one point had been very close to release for Prepar3D v4 and has completely disappeared from the radar scope since then.

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