PMDG Updates on P3D v4.5, 737, 747 and 777 Development

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Courtesy of their forums, PMDG has updated the community on its development status regarding the new P3D v4.5 update, the 737, 747 and 777.

PMDG CEO Robert Randazzo had previously mentioned updates to the 747 product line. He also mentions that Jeppesen and Navigraph reached an agreement with PMDG to unlock displaying charts on the iPad app – so customers have immediate access to this new feature.

Update Log

  • Resolved inability to complete weight and balance if fuel density value is altered with metric units selected.
  • Display of Navigraph charts on EFB application.
  • Late texture fixes to the BCF variant in P3Dv4.
  • Wrong loading of some stations when sending aircraft EFB weight and balance data fix.
  • Fixed CTD if destination airports is changed after landing and before shutdown.
  • Some texture mapping was resolved.
  • Fixed ground power door not closing in FSX.
  • Fixed electrical system not behaving correctly on RR and PW variant engine shutdown.
  • Fixed F/O window misaligned in the 747-400.
  • Custom fuel flow data when reversers are in use.

A full update log to the 747 product line is available on their website here, with the updates being available through the PMDG Operations Center.

The CEO also mentioned the future of the PMDG 737 NG3 development. He claims that they are making very good progress on the aircraft and that they are focusing on the external model fit and finish. Randazzo also states that PMDG will not yet announce what variants the NG3 line will be comprised of, but hints to a future announcement regarding the upcoming product line and what we can expect to see in it.

Randazzo states that the 777 is not one of their development priorities right now, but he does say that the 777 will receive an EFB, PBR for P3Dv4, compatibility with Global Flight operations, and general fixes/corrections in the near future.

In regards to their new forums, he clears up that users do not need to a member of the PMDG forum in order to read it, but must have an account to post. This was a residual setting from when they were initially testing the forum with their internal teams, but this should now be resolved so that everyone, regardless if they have an account or not, will be able to read through the forums.

In addition, Randazzo mentioned that the DC-6 could possibly be receiving PBR updates in the future and that an X-Plane 11 upgrade for the aircraft is currently under discussion internally.

In terms of the BAe JS4100 for Prepar3d V4, Randazzo does not have a timeline regarding a possible upgrade to P3D due to PMDG encountering severe problems they faced when they had attempted earlier. He goes on to state that while PMDG will (eventually) circle back to the project, it will not be in the short term.

Lastly, Randazzo mentions a possible X-Plane development future. He says that PMDG’s workload is “significantly more than [they] can handle” due to all the focus, and development resources, being focused on current projects. Robert elaborates that PMDG has “a bunch of strategic objectives to knock out this year” before they can start to seriously look to directing development time into moving something like the upcoming NG3 into the platform. This is all subject to change, obviously, as this topic is still being discussed internal to PMDG.

FSElite will continue to keep you updated on further PMDG developments as and when they happen.

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