PMDG Update: Prepar3D v5 Upgrade Information, 747 Coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator

PMDG Shares July Update NG3, Global Flight Ops, And More FSElite

Robert Randazzo took to the PMDG forums to inform the community about various aircraft updates, along with Prepar3D v5 upgrade information.

PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II

First on Robert’s long forum post was information about an upcoming PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II update. It has been described to be an “exciting update”. The update is soon to be sent to testers and once approved, will be shared with customers. Robert mentioned there’s still one “negative” item on their fix list, but are so far unable to replicate the issues.

Robert then touched on an EFB coming to the 747-400. It is said that the EFB would require a huge undertaking due to the number of variations available, meaning there would be a lot of data to collect. Robert then confirmed that the PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies would be coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. He ended his statement by saying that they think they will push the EFb into the 744 across both Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D platforms at the same time.


The next update for the 737 NGXu has been brought forward ahead of the 777X update (more on that in a minute). This new update is dubbed as a maintenance update rather than anything of significance. This update, again, focuses on ground physics, braking, etc.

This update will come out after the 747 update.

PMDG 777

Because of the amount of changes, this update has slowed down. Robert said that “the work is slow, but progressing.”

This update cycle will be spoken more about once the 747 and the 737 NGXu updates are out the door.

Prepar3D v5

The news you have all been waiting for. The post on the forums is rather lengthy, so here’s some of the key points you’re keen to learn.

  • PMDG has so far indicated that they “do not see any compelling reason for additional costs” for the Prepar3D versions of their products.
  • PMDG expects that their current line of products will work with the new version of Prepar3D right out of the box. However, they are not suggesting there may not be issues, nor have they ran tests on a release build of Prepar3D v5. New installers are being prepared to enable people to install directly into Prepar3D v5.
  • PMDG will not support anyone who wants to “hand-install” products without official installers being made available
  • New features made possible because of Prepar3D v5 will be added in due course.
  • PMDG have no set-date for when the new installers will be made available
  • PMDG will continue to support Prepar3D v4 for the time being, as the platforms (from their perspective) are similar enough.

Wrapping Up

That about wraps up everything from Robert’s post on the PMDG forums. You can read the full post here.

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Thanks to Seesaw on our Discord for the tip.

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