PMDG Releases New Update for the 777 Range

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Following on from the extensive update earlier this week, a fresh new update for the entire PMDG 777 range has been released. The update address many of the concerns raised by the community and other issues discovered post-release. The release information shared covers the PMDG 777-200LR/F Base Packs and the 777-300ER and 777-200ER Expansion packs for Prepar3D v4 and Prepar3D v5.

The changes were presented on a forum post over on the PMDG forums and highlighted a number of changes made. Some changes include various sim crashes from the FMC or the EFB, modelling issues with elements such as the flaps and the tailskid and also the engine fan animation.

One big change not in the changelog but mentioned in the post was to do with the sound for all three engine types in the 200ER package. In the post, it was said that the sound environment has been tweaked to improve the subtle characteristics of each type

Whilst the changelog already does seem to address many of the issues already reported, PMDG said that there are still some more issues that require a bit more testing and research before they can be released.

That said, in his latest post, Robert said that the 777 line is much more in line with the rest of the product range so future updates such as the LNAV improvements and the new navdata processes will be updated in line with the likes of the 747 QOTSII and the 737 NGXu. He also wanted to say thanks to the community for the support and feedback. He said the decision to provide the Base Pack and 300ER Expansion updates for free was in response to how the current global pandemic has impacted everyone and that PMDG felt this was an appropriate way to give back.

You can read a bit more about the 777-200ER Expansion pack here.

The primary 777-200LR/F Base Pack was released for free earlier this week, with the 777-200ER Expansion releasing for $77.72.

PMDG 777 Full Product Line 1.11.1143 Changelog

  • 0009514: [External Model – Geometry] Cargo doors hinge mechanism rod inverted (jbrown)
  • 0009539: [General – Ground Operations] Ground power and Jetway power cables not allign with the Plug at the service Port in 200ER (hvanrensburg)
  • 0009515: [General – 2D Panels] Excessive draw calls negatively impacting FPS when opening the 2D MCP pop up panel (also other 2D panels) (abashkatov)
  • 0009370: [General – 2D Panels] MCP 2D Popup FPS Drop [duplicate] (abashkatov)
  • 0009508: [General – Engines] Lag in ‘Show Throttle’ position index mark with 777 models (abashkatov)
  • 0009541: [Systems – Fuel] Tank mass limits not enforced properly when fuel density is adjusted instantly via the FMS FUEL adjustment menu (rsrandazzo)
  • 0009517: [EFB – General] EFB Documents option disabled and Documents error messages in EFB (hvanrensburg)
  • 0009531: [FREEZES – All Types] Sim Crashes when changing Sound outputs from FMC (abashkatov)
  • 0009534: [General – Suggested/Missing Features] 200ER Aircraft.cfg wrong Trent engine type mentioned (jbrown)
  • 0009529: [EFB – Performance and Computational] EFB OPT : EXIT selection for landing dispatch/enroute (emvaos)
  • 0009523: [Systems – Hydraulic] When applying Parking brake without active systems, pressure at the Brake Accum gauge is not reducing (rsrandazzo)
  • 0009525: [General – Flight Model] Low speed aileron lockout receiving IAS when TAS is required, causes lockout to fail. (rsrandazzo)
  • 0009526: [External Model – Geometry] 300ER TailSkid see through texture and piston length (jbrown)
  • 0009513: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Small VC gap at captains window, hook area (vscimone)
  • 0009509: [External Model – Geometry] PW engine texture mapping issue, fan texture incorrect on GE and low resolution fan texture. (jbrown)
  • 0009510: [External Model – Geometry] Cabin window shades not illuminated by cabin lighting (jbrown)
  • 0009504: [External Model – Geometry] 200ER Flaperon is clipping the wing (jbrown)
  • 0009506: [General – Unsure] Request to add EFB view to the Cockpit View Menus (jbrown)
  • 0009502: [External Model – Liveries] D-ALFC wrong aircraft name. Ni Hoa instead of Ni Hao (psterling)
  • 0000000: [Various] TOB always shows even if not selectable
  • 0000000: [Various] Engine fan animation syncs to FPS at N1% > 55.72
  • 0000000: [Various] Spurious version check indicator box appears for some users.
  • 0000000: [Various] RCMND ALT within 500nm of TOD adjustment
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