PMDG Releases 737NGXu Base Package for Prepar3D V4

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It is a busy day at PMDG HQ as they had just shared a wealth of information and also the news that the anticipated NG3 would be coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. However in a sudden twist of events, an all-new 737 aircraft range has been released by PMDG. Titled the 737NGXu  Base Package, this is an all-new aircraft designed for Prepar3D V4.

This is a brand new aircraft built from the ground-up to take advantage of many improvements in PMDG’s code-base and technology and brings a wealth of new features and changes. The PMDG 737NGXu features an all-new system simulation, enhanced flight physics, high-resolution cockpit displays and also plenty of new equipment options within the cockpit. As previously teased, the EFB also makes an appearance with Navigraph integration.

The base package contains the 737-800, 737-900 and 737-900ER models with standard wing, blended winglet and split scimitar winglet choices, along with PBR texturing, an all-new sound set and much more.

According to Robert, “Expansion packages will roll out progressively after the base package and will include the 737-600, 737-700, BBJ and BBJ2 models. Additional packages may also be added subject to development time availability.”

You can buy the PMDG 737NGXu from PMDG’s website right now on Prepar3D V4 for $99.99 USD.

Update: Up until the 31st December 2019, any purchase made will result in a like for like discount on the NG3 on Microsoft Flight Simulator. So that’s $99.99 off the price of the NG3 upon release.

Feature List

  • All new system simulation, utilizing the latest PMDG system simulation engine.
  • Enhanced flight physics.
  • Addition of rigid body physics affecting flex/vibration propagation to wing and tail surfaces.
  • Improved flight control systems.
  • Electronic Flight Bag with Navigraph Integration.
  • High resolution cockpit displays
  • New equipment options for cockpit instrumentation, fuel system changes and more.
  • Changes to 737 options packages reflecting real world changes since NGX was first offered in 2011.
  • Expanded failures simulation to cover nearly all QRH scenarios.
  • PMDG Global Flight Operations compatibility (when PMDG GFO is made live in late 2019!)
  • Native PMDG datalink simulation for offline flying (similar to 777 and 747)
  • Driveable TPX200s pushback tug with user controlled steering and speed.
  • Base Package includes 737-800, 737-900 and 737-900ER models with standard wing, blended winglet and split scimitar winglet options where offered on the actual airframe.
  • All new, high definition sound suite recorded on a fully instrumented test airplane.
  • Sounds balanced and layered using advanced studio technologies in order to provide the most lifelike representation possible of the soundscape on a 737 airliner.
  • Enhanced PMDG Sound Engine for immersive audio experience on the flight deck.
  • New PMDG Operations Center 2.0
  • Entirely New virtual cockpit built just for Prepar3D with hundreds of new details including high resolution textures and PBR support.
  • Dynamic lighting throughout, including panel floods, chart lights, map lights, CB panel illumination, Grimes lights and dome lights.
  • Many new equipment options reflecting changes to the global 737 fleet.
  • Optional auxiliary fuel tanks/panel. (for use in 900ER and subsequent BBJ/BBJ2 offerings)
  • Automatic eyepoint adjustment for HGS and non HGS views (with the ability to control and disable from FMS)
  • New LED external lighting options for all fleet types., including the implementation of pulse lighting.
  • Entirely new exterior models with more details and high resolution 4096×4096 textures.
  • PBR enabled out of the box, each surface has accurate reflective properties, especially on bare metal surfaces where rivets have a different reflective property compared to a polished surface.
  • Higher resolution normal maps, see rivets and panel lines in rich detail.
  • Smooth animated flight controls and landing gear operation.
  • Boeing Sky Interior cabin model with cool blue LED lighting.
  • Accurate flight dynamics and performance data for each model type including Blended and Split Scimitar winglet.
  • 737-800 and 900 models with different wingtip options including standard wingtip, blended and split scimitar winglets, including the 737-900ER model.
  • Ground Service vehicle fleet to support the 737 during turnarounds at airports all around the world.
  • Real time refueling based on accurate Boeing data.
  • Global fuel density model as introduced with the 747.Fuel densities will closely match actual fuel density as reported globally by world operators.
  • Fluid flow simulation for hydraulic, pneumatic and fuel systems.

and much more!

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