PMDG Drops Hint at Possible New Aircraft Announcement

737 Max 9 Wallpaper

Robert Randazzo (CEO of PMDG) has posted on the PMDG forum section on avsim regarding their current project progress; with a pretty large hint as to what their next product will be. This news came off the tail end of a post made on the PMDG general support forum with a user talking about a possible Embraer or C Series aircraft.

Robert Randazzo responded to the post saying that ‘I’d personally LOVE to do one of the 170-190 series and/or the new C-series.’, however he then went onto say that this is currently not possible as the team at PMDG are currently working hard on trying to push the 747-8 out.

What came next after this is arguably the most exciting part of the post, with Randazzo stating that even when the 747-8 is released they’ll still be pretty ‘MAX’d out…’. Which hints very heavily towards a new version of the 737 NGX with the 737 MAX included. With other hints towards it in the past, this eventuality is seeming more and more likely to happen. This falls in line with their previous confirmation of working on the next version of their NGX series.

If any further updates come from this then we’ll be sure to report it so make sure you stay tuned.

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