PMDG P3D V4 Update Plans

Over on the avsim forums, PMDG’s Robert Randazzo announced the intentions for when they plan on releasing their products for Prepar3d V4. Although this may be not quite as soon as many wanted, it’s not a long wait for some of the products. Each product has been outlined with it’s progress:

747 Queen of the Skies II

The 747 will be PMDG’s first product to release into P3D V4. It is currently undergoing testing and is expected to release before the weekend.


The 777 base package, as expected. Will be releasing second, the product is currently being prepared for testing and it expected to release early in the first week of June.


The 777-300ER expansion will be releasing after the base package. The product will begin it’s testing process soon after the -200LR/F and will release a couple of days after as well.

737 NGX

The NGX is still being prepared for testing at this stage in time. With testing expected to start as the 777-300ER releases. This will not contain all NGX variants, just the -800 and -900 to start.


The two smaller variants of the NGX are currently being prepared for testing, with their release expected to be a day or two after the base package is released.

DC-6 Cloudmaster

The PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster was a product originally developed for X-plane. However, the team have been working hard to get the aircraft up and running with P3D. It is expected to release in the second half of June. It will be released simultaneously across all platforms.


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