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Earlier today on the PMDG Forum, PMDG fully rolled out Operation Center 2.0 to all of its customers.

With Operation Center 2.0, PMDG is now able to more easily push out micro-updates, livery updates, management, etc. to its customers. To install OC2, here are the steps.

  • Open up Operation Center 1
  • In an earlier update, PMDG recommended uninstalling all liveries via OC1 to prevent OC2 from throwing up errors with OC1 installed liveries
  • You will see a red “Update Available” and OC1 will give you the choice to install the update
  • The new OC will install and you will be left with Operation Center 2

Its worth mentioning that NGXu users already have Operation Center 2.0 already installed when they installed the NGXu.

Some things to note with this update is the Operation Center 2.0 is a mandatory update for all users. OC2 will be the foundation that will become the base for PMDG. It will eventually handle all of the product installations, maintenance, updating, and more. OC2 will also be the portal for the upcoming PMDG Global Flight Operations. OC2 is compatible with “FSX, FSX-SE, P3D v3, P3D v4 and will eventually support future MSFS and P3D platforms as well if/when they are released.” 

PMDG have said that it is possible OC2 will show lots of notifications related to liveries you may have had installed after the update is complete. Simply pressing dismiss on each item, then close and relaunch OC2, and will allow OC2 to get caught up on your liveries if you still have them installed.

Operation Center 1 online support will be turned off on March 1st of this year, so do take this opportunity to update now to avoid further hassle down the road.


For all Windows 7, XP, etc 32bit users, this is for you.

Do not install this update if you are running a 32bit system. Operation Center 2.0 can not be used on a 32bit system as the program is 64bit. Once again, Operation Center 1.0 online support will be turned off on March 1st of this year, so PMDG recommends that those users on a 32bit system take this time to update their system to have continued support for your PMDG products. If you have already updated to OC2 without realizing this, PMDG asks that you contact them before March 1st and they will provide support. Tickets can be opened here.

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