PMDG NGXu Update and Paint Kit Releasing Soon

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Update 13-Nov-19 @ 12:40pm: The Paint Kit is now available. You can find it here.

After the surprise release of the PMDG NGXu just a few days ago, PMDG CEO Robert Randazzo took to the forums to discuss a few items for the community. Namely, an upcoming pair of updates for the plane and also a paint kit.

The first update for the NGXu will arrive either later today (Tuesday) or early Wednesday. This will all depend on a few factors, which were not specified. The second build will then release late Friday or Mid-day on Saturday. It’s worth noting these time frames are in US EST. The updates, according to Robert are “normal post-release” updates, and went onto give a few details about what users could expect. However, he did note that a full change-log would appear on the release.

The one area, in particular, was to do with the nosewheel steering. In the update, the FMS/OPTIONS menu will enable users to play around with the setting related to it. The reason for this inclusion is based on feedback that some hardware is a little more sensitive than others which were used to initially test on. There will be two methods in which users can try to experiment with to get it sorted. Here is what Robert said:

“One method allows you to add a nullzone to your controller, but leaves everything else as is. Another method provides a bezier curve against which the control is based. This makes it feel a bit less abrupt on most hardware. We also have a couple of options which base off of the other modes, but which reduce the designed rate-of-change of the nosewheel steering by about 70%. While this does reduce responsiveness, it seems to make things a bit less abrupt feeling on “common” hardware.”

Finally, Robert also confirmed that a paint kit for the all-new NGXu will be released today (Tuesday). It’s been tested by a variety of other livery painters to ensure it’s ready for a release. Update  – the paint kit is available here.

You can find out more about the PMDG 737NGXu on the announcement post. Don’t forget, this is a different product to the NG3, which will be coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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