PMDG Issues Statement Update for NGXu, 777 and More

PMDG 777 PBR (1)

Robert Randazzo of PMDG has taken to the PMDG forums to issue an update on various products including the 737 NGXu, the 777 and also their DC-6. Whilst the update covers these aircraft, it’s worth noting that none of these aircraft has received updates since the publication to his post.

Starting with the PMDG 737NGXu update, Robert said that adding compatibility with Prepar3D v5 was slowing the update down in general. The team are determined to make sure that the update includes that functionality. However, Lockheed Martin are currently beta testing hotfix 2 for Prepar3D v5 which has an impact on lighting. This has taken the team a significant amount of work to adjust dynamic lighting. Hotfix 2 has changed this significantly since the first hotfix so PMDG are awaiting on a final release of Hotfix 2 so they know what changes have been made. During this time, they continue to work on bugs and other updates which will be included when this update is finally released.

Next on the list is the PMDG 777. The update post said that once the 737 update is rolled out, attention will be back on the 777. This update will include a number of bug fixes along with PBR and Prepar3D v5 compatibility and also some new features. Robert did confirm that a 200ER expansion is coming, but will not be included in this update cycle. He also reconfirmed that the EFB will also come to the 777 packages in the future (again, not in this update cycle).

Following the release of the 777 and 737NGXu updates, an update is planned for the DC-6. As with the 777, it will feature bug fixes, PBR and Prepar3D v5 compatibility.

In light of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Robert did also confirm that they will be bringing all four major products to the new sim in the future. He said “[Microsoft Flight Simulator] promises to give us entirely new capabilities,” then adding that it will take some time to adapt. Nothing more was said, but other than they will talk more about it at the right time.

The last noteworthy part of his post was a reminder for people to ensure they’re updated with Operations Center v2 to the latest version. They will be switching off the ability for those on older versions to add liveries etc. To avoid this, simply update the ops center.

There is no mention of PMDG Global Flight Ops in this post.

That wraps up everything Robert said in this post. As always, FSElite will keep you updated with everything PMDG related going on. You can read our review for the PMDG 737NGXu here, or alternatively, read it in print via our FSElite Magazine coming this June (along with a bunch of other great content delivered direct you).

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