PMDG Issues Statement On Prepar3D v4.2 Related Issues

PMDG 748 Flyby

Since the release of Prepar3D V4.2, people have been keen to upgrade to take advantage of some of the new features and fixes. Of course with any update with a sim comes the risk of a product loosing compatibility. Typically, decimal updates (.X) don’t cause issues with aircraft, but some users are reporting problems with their PMDG products. Today, Robert provided a brief update on the situation.

Some users are reporting that either the screen loads black or causes a crash to desktop (CTD). This issue isn’t consistent among all users.

As you might imagine, PMDG has access to the beta builds of Prepar3D from Lookheed Martin, which is available to their team to ensure their products work. During testing of V4.2, the developers reported no issues with PMDG products working. However, since the release of the RTM version of 4.2, it is believed that some things have broken since.

For those users who have contacted PMDG’s support system has been suggested to start the sim with a default aircraft and change it to their preferred PMDG aircraft afterwards. This appears to solve the issue and the aircraft then behaves normally thereafter.

As for what PMDG are doing about it, they’re first identifying where the problem lies. It is either an issue with Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D 4.2 or with the aircraft itself. If it’s PMDG products, then it’s in their control and they’ll aim to fix it with a timely fix. If it’s to do with V4.2, then it’ll be down to LM to fix.

PMDG has assured us that they’ll keep us informed going forward and they’re hoping to have the issue fixed soon.

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Their initial response to these user issues with the 747 on their forum was a bit ridiculous. They will blame it on user error or another third-party addon but no way could it be something with their beloved aircraft. Good to see they finally admitted something is not right. I refuse to even post in their forum any longer between the brown-nosers, moderator wannabes and ego-maniacs.

I got banned from Avsim by Kyle just because challenged his outrageous claim that this issue is to do with some other add-on. He’s sadly sending the entire company down the drain. He creates the “facts” and then anyone complaining is branded “uninformed”. And people like me who openly challenge them are banned. This is no less than a complete scandal.

Agree with all sentiments here. How on earth it was voted one of the best for support here is astounding and shows how ‘sucked in’ all these kids are. And how clever PMDG’s marketing is.

Their service….from Kyle…is simply appalling. I’ve never seen a more arrogant support staff member then he is. I’ve sworn off purchasing PMDG products a long time ago simply due to this/his disgraceful treatment of the ones that keep him in a job.

But when AVSIM is run by the most arrogant of all – Jim Young – what do you expect?

Kyle is nothing more then a child, and acts the part fully… if PMDG was smart they would pull him from making any public comment on AVSIM or other public forums. Allowing him to be any sort of voice for their company is total mistake.

Eaglesoft Design Group will challenge Kyle & PMDG for “best customer support” in the flight simulator business. Their crew is on the same level of arrogant, patronizing and dismissive.

Well at least the most critical remit Jim Young mostly deals with is CTDs and errors. That monster called Kyle is in charge of arguably the most important add-on of them all.

Good point you made on “sucked in” kids – they get constantly bashed and disrespected and frankly dehumanised by Kyle and co. and still thank them for “great support” because they think that’s what professional support should look like. PMDG is effectively running a small-scale brainwashing machine.

I have the 4.2Client but will install only when geting more information to how and when it is compatble.

I generally enjoy flying PMDG products, because I think they are the gold standard of FSX/P3D as far as completeness and realism go. With that being said, I do agree with the majority here in that the one support team member mentioned multiple times needs to find a new job, because every post I see from him in the forum is nothing more than an unnecessary snarky shot at someone’s intelligence. Why PMDG chooses to associate with someone so surly, I’ll never understand. It actually seems to be a common theme with a lot of larger developers whom I won’t mention, in that any suggestion of their products being less-than-perfect is met with vehement resistance by the staff.

This pretty much sums it all up. Hopefully the one support team member will read it.

Loaded a saved 747 scenario after updating the P3D client to 4.2 and experienced the black screen for several seconds. But then it all came back and from the on the sim worked flawlessly. And I must say, what an improvement. I am using oculus rift with a below minimum specs video card. It wasn’t a fantastic experience before, best saved for GA flights. But still I endured. But right now, damn, it’s like it’s a new sim. PMDG 747 virtual cockpit in occulus rift is smooooooth(er).

The issue is Kyle and ive trolled him hard over the years on many occasions. Of course, a new account is needed after each run in but it riles him up so much its worth the 30 seconds to make on. Point being, randanzo is just as much of a cock but doesn’t post as much so it goes unnoticed.

As for PMDG blaming LM that’s nothing new. Remember the whole pop out display crash fiasco? Ruled it LM problem and moved on

I don’t know why, but I feel that PMDG will end a bit like the PSS… Arrogance is always a bad way to go. But now worries, if it happens, Mr. Randazzo will finally have time to his beloved DC-3, while Kyle will be his private flight attendant…

You guys are all correct. Another reason I switched to X-Plane and not looking back. Sick and tired of constant tweaking bullshit on this platform. People that think PMDG are the greatest need to wake up.

Been flying flight sim since FS98, then worked up the Microsoft route through FSX, the to P3D and still think it has great aircraft and scenery, but arrogant addon makers are bringing it down. It is like you cannot ask anything without getting banned, worse thing is when they are on AVSim.

I alternate between P3D and Xplane 11 now, yes it was it’s quirks, but outshines in many ways. With developers like OrbX and Activesky moving over it can only get better, although with Ortho4XP, and the default weather you don’t really need it. Free airports from people like MisterX6 beats many addon airports in P3D and the Flight Factor A320 beats the FSL A320 and anything from PMDG for study sim level and texture quality, with quality aircraft like the Rotatesim MD80, IXEG 737-300 and the FlyJSim 737-200 on the up.

Lol “pallamosce”, do you know at least what you’re talking about? Btw, majestic dash has it own flight model… It completely runs outside the FSX/P3D platform… No comments for the rest. I guess in the future nobody will ever need to do PPL’s, CPL’s, etc… X-Plane is all we need…

I’m flying both sims. Maybe study level is infancy in X-plane, but for sure P3D physics engine is not even in the “flight games” league. Approaches and landings are a complete joke. Sure , you may have more complete systems on P3D, but is in X-plane where real students learn to pratically fly an aircraft. X-Plane is the futere. Love the majestic dash though, hope it gets ported to a seriuos platform that actually has a flight model.

Hi Bob, I was on P3D for 3yrs. I also have everything from PMDG and agree that they aircraft are great. I hate when people say there are no study level aircraft on X Plane. IXEG 737, rotate MD80, flight factor 757,767 and A320. The IXEG 737 is a study level 300series

Xplane’s selection of study level aircraft is still very much in its infancy whereas on the P3D platform we are getting 2nd sometimes 3rd generation study level aircraft that keep pushing the boundaries. It will be many many years before Xplane has the same level of study level aircraft as P3D. Xplane’s fanboys will hate me saying this but the vast majority of flight sim development is targeting the P3D platform.

PMDG is by a wide margin the worst developer out there in terms of customer support. Routinely and systematically patronising and silencing anyone complaining on their forums and dismissing any form of criticism as uninformed rant just because they’re the big boys hence they can.

If you are looking for the worst, then look at FSL. I was banned for asking when the update would come. One of the best is the makers of Multi Crew Environment. Not only are they really helpful, but they will actually add features to suit the customers, all you have to do is ask and if the can then they will.

Couldn’t agree more. Best exemplified by Kyle who seems to suffer from some sort of pathological compulsion to demean and debase their own customer base.