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PMDG Issues First Update for DC-6 on MSFS

Pmdg Dc 6 Msfs Release (9)

Following on from the huge release earlier this month, PMDG has issued its first update to their popular DC-6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Updated to version 2.00.0025, this new update make some significant changes to improve the user experience and result in less simulator crashes.

According to Robert on the PMDG forums, this update focused on issues that have the “largest impact on [the] user experience.” This included elements such as crash to desktops, controller issues and some visual anomalies. In addition, PMDG has resolved the issue where the aircraft in multiplayer mode or as AI traffic would cause the simulator to crash. Whilst the list of fixes addresses a fair number of issues, the team continues to evaluate feedback from a variety of sources and will continue to update the aircraft accordingly.

To obtain the new update for the DC-6, you will need to open the PMDG Operations Center application and follow the instructions to update your aircraft.

The PMDG DC-6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is the first of many aircraft from the renowned developer and is regarded as a ‘study-level add-on for the new sim. Included with the package is both the DC-6A and the DC-6B, both of which are realistically modelled and highly detailed. Realistic animations, detailed modelling and PBR materials make up the externals of the aircraft, whilst the inside has been replicated to an extreme level of detail. The flight modelling and engines have been designed to a high level of realism, whilst aircraft systems are also just as in-depth with a realistic fuel and electrical bus system. The aircraft will also stun with impressive night lighting both inside and out.

If you don’t already own the DC-6, you can buy it from PMDG’s website now for $54.99. The aircraft will only be available through PMDG’s store and won’t be made available through any other services for the next few months.

PMDG are still anticipating to release the 737 and possibly even the 777 later this year.


0009860: [Suggested/Missing Features] Noticed new glue below the clock- no folded sticker please (vscimone)
0009957: [Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures/Appearance] Gap at cockpit wall when viewpoint is moved under the CB’s (vscimone)
0009979: [External Model – Geometry] 6A- Front Cargo Door Scissor Detached (jbrown)
0009959: [Suggested/Missing Features] X Box controller Throttle issues (cbpowell)
0009990: [Systems Behavior/Functionality] AFE does not turn on GPS from cold and dark (hvanrensburg)
0009972: [Unsure] Spelling error EFB (hvanrensburg)
0009991: [Systems Behavior/Functionality] AFE gets hung up on radios call during Before Start (hvanrensburg)
0009982: [Systems Behavior/Functionality] PMDG_DC-6_Mouse_Option.exe reported as Virus (false positive) by many AV’s – removed and alternate method implemented (hvanrensburg)
0010004: [Documentation] Added Mouse Options Instructions to reflect removal of A/V troublesome exe (hvanrensburg)
0009986: [External Model – Geometry] Cargo Doors on 6B don’t open on all liveries (jbrown)

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