PMDG Issue X-Plane Development Update; Future X-Plane Products Not Ruled Out

Pmdg Dc6xp PMDGclassic

Following a controversial major product announcement at FSExpo over the weekend, PMDG‘s Robert Randazzo has issued an unexpected, yet welcomed X-Plane development update on the AVSim forums.

Randazzo starts off by saying that although it has been a long time since the company has said or done anything in the X-Plane community, he assures users that the platform is not being intentionally ignored. With resources being freed up following the announcement of Global Flight Operations and the 747-8 entering beta for the Prepar3D platform, R.S.R. says that it is only now that the company can begin to look at their next move in the world of X-Plane.

As it stands, PMDG’s only product on the X-Plane platform is their DC-6 Cloudmaster that was released just over 2 years ago. This aircraft was designed for X-Plane 10, and since the release has not been updated for X-Plane 11 compatibility. Naturally, with X-Plane 11 well out of its infancy now, users have been screaming for an update to the classic airliner. Finally, the cries have been heard, and Randazzo says that they’re now beginning to look at what needs to be done to bring this aircraft into X-Plane 11.
While this is a promising sign, Randazzo says the amount of work required for this update is unknown at this point, though over the coming weeks and months they’ll be working out just how large this task may be and will insert the task of updating the aircraft into their development schedule for the remainder of 2018 accordingly. Once this is worked out, he promises to update the community accordingly.

Furthermore, Mr Randazzo discusses the possibility of expanding their X-Plane catalogue. He tells of meeting with Ben Supnik from Laminar Research over the weekend at FSExpo and discussing the possibility of their products on Laminar’s platform going forward, as well as the technical aspects involved in this. While nothing firm came out of this, he says that there is a plan for future meetings to be held with the Laminar, after the release of the 747-8, where they expect to clearly mark out the challenges and requirements that they would face should they expand further into the X-Plane world.

Check out the full post from Mr Randazzo here.

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Ben Childs

The author Ben Childs

As a simmer for more than 20 years, Ben can be quite opinionated about our hobby. He started out on FS95 and found himself switching to X-Plane in 2017. He works full-time in the automotive industry as a parts interpreter, and when he's not in the virtual left seat, he can be found in the garage tinkering with cars and motorcycles.

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Not being intentionally ignored, they seem to be quite happy to delete negative comments on their facebook though. It’s a shame as the DC-6 looked really interesting, but when you release broken 70$ aircraft and only give 2 really vague comments about it in a year or two that’s not really encouraging me to spend my money. “oh we are sorry we abandoned our 70$ addon, we were busy making more expensive addons”


What reality? That they’re subject to public feedback, ridicule and other negative press when they do something that isn’t agreeable with their customers or potential customers? You absolutely don’t have to be a business owner to understand those concepts.

Any “customer service 101” class, wiki-how, book, self-help guide or guiding principle will tell you at a minimum you need to remain humble and introspective when you’re in charge of something, be it a business, a product or even something smaller than that.

Well if you ask 70$ for a product a certain quality and attitude is expected, there are plenty of developers who treat their customers well. It’s crazy how some people will defend anything some companies do…

Anders Bermann


Wow! – You’re just gunning for everyone here… Why don’t you try to create your own company, and witness the reality they face.

It’s just so easy standing outside, throwing rocks and acting insulted.

Definitly, PMDG is one of the most arrogant and greedy companies in the flightsim comunity… Only flighsimlabs wins on this field… A great company, with great knowledge and resources, being ruined by their own proud, arrogance and self assumption…

Speaking personally I refuse to buy any of their products while they don’t change their prices policy where you have to pay full price for what you already have if you upgrade from FSX to P3D and I’ve already seen many simmers taking a similliar position about this situation.

Craig Ireland

This is great news, glad to hear that PMDG are sitting down with Laminar…i’m sure the laminar dev’s would love to help the PMDG dev’s learn how to best port their aircraft over…win/win for all

I’d love to see pmdg’s aircraft in xplane, hopefully it will make their flight model a bit more realistic ;), I don’t see it being their priority though, they have a lot of products in the works already and having to relearn how to to do everything in xplane is a huge investment of time, any product they do release on xplane would definitely sell well(especially any long haul aircraft) but at this rate we won’t see anything until xplane 12 comes out.

Translation: we want the sim maker to change things to our liking without regard for anything else.

they tried that with LM and lm told them to pound it (hence the pop up crash that was never fixed). LR might be more flexible since they are trying to get market share.

we shall see.

I know very little about x-plane or this product. Will PMDG be doing what they did with the P3D conversions and charge existing owners for upgrading? I love their products but I don’t really like their business model. I got the NGX for FSX working just fine in P3DV3 until they issued an ‘upgrade’ that stopped it and ended up paying a premium price for what was essentially the same software

It’s a completely new platform that is not relative to ESPs. They would definitely charge

Ben, tell that to carenado…

Ben Childs

Hi Robert,

The step up to X-Plane 11 for the DC-6 is more like what the transition was like in P3D for v3 to v4. Based on that, you would expect that they wouldn’t charge anything to existing owners of the aircraft, but anything could happen.