PMDG Discuss Current On-Going Projects and Forum Move


PMDG’s Robert Randazzo has taken to the Avsim forums to discuss what projects the team are busy working on. Robert opened up the thread by saying that the team has been somewhat quiet recently to enable them to focus on multiple project development without putting too much pressure on them. This flexibility meant that projects have shifted around to make best use of the team’s skills and abilities.

With that in mind, Robert said that he was starting to have a bit more visibility in how the projects are going and thus wanted to start sharing them with the wider community.

Whilst many will be excited to see that PBR for both the 747 and 777 is on their list, along with the on-going development of the NG3, there are some other snippets of work that has also been on-going (abliet a little less exciting). A new shopping cart system is being prepared and the team are moving over from to

Some new information from the post indicated that they are rebuilding LNAV and Magenta Line drawing as well as rewriting flight directory logic to improve handling. These will affect all their product lines.

The other big piece of news from the forum post is that as of today PMDG has officially opened their new forums. After 20 years of being on Avsim as their official forums, PMDG will now host their own place of support. Over the months, the PMDG team has tested them so everything should work. You will need to sign back up if you require support or want to be part of that community.

Here’s the full list (unedited) from Robert:

  • New Shopping Cart system being prepared to be brought on-line.
  • New Forum System being brought online (today! See below!)
  • Migrating all internal systems from to domain.
  • Adding PBR capabilities to the P3D v4.4 products (747 & 777)
  • Upgrading navdata handling to make it compliant with latest navdata technology from Navigraph and Aerosoft. (Will affect all product lines)
  • Rewriting flight director logic to improve aircraft handling. (will affect all product lines)
  • Rebuilding LNAV and Magenta Line drawing to use modern navdata and improved F/D logic in order to improve magenta line drawing routines, allow RNP, etc. (will affect all product lines)
  • Preparing PMDG Global Flight Operations for broader scale testing with PMDG products.
  • Preparing PMDG Global Flight Operations to bring in announced Tier 1 products from developers such as TFDi and Aerosoft.
  • Continued development of NG3 product line (at a furious pace!) so that we can transition to beta testing.
  • Preparing to take the PMDG DC-3 on a European Tour during the May-July period.
  • Prepping another update for the 747 product line.
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