PMDG Development Update – BBJ Package, 777 Update, and more


Robert Randazzo has provided the community with a weekend update on how the PMDG team is coping with the requirements of MSFS. Robert also provides updates on the 737 NGXu BBJ package and the B777. Further news on what to expect in the future from PMDG is also covered.

PMDG 737 NGXu BBJ Expansion Package

The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) expansion has been an ongoing subject that has been repeatedly mentioned throughout the weekly updates by the PMDG team. We now have a better-estimated date for a release. In addition, a few preview shots have been released to preview the fancy jet.

The BBJ package is being repeatedly tested for the past couple of months by the testing team. The jet is designed to have operational systems such as embedded air-stairs to extended range fuel tanks and more. A hiccup involving the fuel system was discovered days prior to the release. As a result, further tweaks and testing have been accomplished and we can expect the jet for its final beta test prior to release. Finally, the cabin has received a luxurious remodeling by Jason.


PMDG 777 Update

Testing for the 777 is set to run sometime mid-October. The upcoming update will bring the 777 up to speed with its sister products (737, and 747) to include Global Flight Operations capabilities, ground services, animations, and more. This new update will be free for current 777 users.

PMDG 737NG3 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

The team had expectations that the MSFS team would quickly provide updates and implementation of features to support such a complex aircraft. The PMDG team is working hard with the Asobo team to present the MSFS community their rendition of the B737NG. Major technical challenges are still to be solved prior to releasing the 737. For that reason, the team has given an expected release date of a year from now. Fourth-quarter of 2021 to be exact.

Further News

Plans were to be deep into the development and conversion process of the PMDG aircraft to MSFS. As stated above, the team needs more time to work alongside the Asobo team for MSFS integration. The team is now focused on P3D updates for their aircraft. The 747 will implement a new LNAV/Navdata handling. Additionally, Testing for the new LNAV handling is set for October. Furthermore, the team is at work trying to implement an EFB into the B777.

In addition, the team has been working on a new product line for P3D that the community hasn’t seen yet. The team mentioned a new aircraft in development that the community has always wanted. No mention of what that might be.

For now, enjoy the rest of your weekend from the FSElite team.

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